After 20+ years of marketing at IBM, Microsoft, Infor, and many tech start-ups etc. – my team and I discovered the ultimate way of:

B2B Lead Generation

Swap Prospecting for Profiting!

Team up with us to ensure a full pipeline and surpass your sales objectives.

Unleash the potential of 500+ successful lead-gen campaigns with us.

Supercharge your pipeline with qualified prospects

Accelerate sales cycles for scalable growth

Automate smart lead-gen

Eradicate cold calls and ads

Companies we worked with

What we come across

The 4 Common Challenges in Customer Acquisition…

…that we can help you with!

“Our sales cycles are too long.”

You have a sales strategy, but the closure and commitment are missing. A tactical adjustment to your sales strategy will be your game-changer!

“Our target audience is unresponsive”

You’re lacking a deep understanding of your target audience, causing an unclear message-market fit. Enhance your lead generation by covering their needs.

“Customers come from the founders’ network only”

Referrals are great, but your customer acquisition should also run independently. A cold acquisition agency will assist you with acquiring new customers.

“We keep losing prospects in the sales cycle”

Streamline your sales cycle with an automated and efficient lead nurturing process. Convert more leads into loyal customers and boost your sales growth.

Say goodbye to lengthy sales cycles and barren sales funnels!

Do you also want to win the right B2B customers in a scalable, digitized, and automated way? Regardless of trade fairs, on-site appointments, and traditional cold calling?

Welcome to Jolly Marketer:

More Meetings, more Revenue, more Growth.

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This is how we do it


Kick-off and research your market

We’ll research and test your offer and position for product- and message-market-fit.

We work with you on ideal customer profile (ICP), buyer persona, messaging, etc.


Outbound strategy & collecting data

We will prepare content plans and actual content (emails, lead magnets, videos, etc.).

Targeting your ideal prospects, we build a list of promising contacts, leaving no opportunity missed.


Consistent lead flow

Create, publish, & manage multi-channel outreach campaign to hit the desired KPIs.

We establish a robust cold email system, handling all technical aspects. From the get-go, you’ll start receiving meetings directly in your calendar.


Analyze, rinse and repeat

Optimize the funnel performance and results based on market feedback.

This continuous lead flow allows for scalable and predictable revenue.

Join us as we build a strong marketing and sales system for your business.

You’ll see new leads in just the first month. We’re so sure of it, we guarantee it.

This is what you get

Consider us your reliable partner for predictable and efficient business scaling. We function as your auxiliary sales force, diligently maintaining a steady sales pipeline. This comes without the stress or costs associated with recruiting, training, and supervising an internal lead generation team.

High-Converting Scripts

Our skilled writers create customized, compelling scripts tailored to captivate your prospective clients.

The outcome? A high number of scheduled meetings.

Targeted Lead Databases

We’ll supply enhanced data and curate lead lists precisely aligned with your ideal customer profile (ICP).

This ensures a consistent stream of leads intrigued by your offerings.

Cold Outreach Readiness

Leave the technical and operational aspects with us.

We’ll establish up to 30 inboxes for cold emailing with enhanced deliverability.

Consistent flow of leads

Say goodbye to empty funnel.

Our systems guarantee a steady stream of leads, maintaining a full sales pipeline and keeping your team engaged.

Industries Our lead Gen works great include

Manufacturing: Electrical & Electronic | Food Production | Industrial Automation | Machinery | Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

Software & IT Services: SaaS | Computer & Network Security | Computer Software | Information Technology & Services | Internet

Media & Communications: Market Research | Marketing & Advertising | Online Media | PR & Communications | Publishing

Corporate Services: Events Services | Information Services | Management Consulting | Training & Coaching | Recruiting

What our clients are achieving

Case Study E-commerce SaaS

styla 120x75 1 B2B Cold Email Agency

Styla transforms a sales-driven process into a content- and product-led marketing strategy.

Qualified leads: +50% | sales: +35%

Case Study AgriTech SaaS

farmnet100x75 1 B2B Cold Email Agency

365Farmnet digitalizes the customer acquisition/sales process, slashing CAC vastly.

Active users +200% | CAC: -50%

Case Study Marketing Agency

“Transforming our B2B Marketing”

dayen2 B2B Cold Email Agency

Richard’s vast B2B expertise and impactful lead-gen strategies have greatly benefited our business.

– Dayen Hegemann, Red Pepper

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