2016 – The Year of Enterprise Mobile Apps?

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2016 could be a very important turning point for enterprise mobile apps – we may see the success of these apps reach new heights and it could pave the way for the future of mobile enterprise solutions. Over the last few years, companies have been starting to create enterprise apps for their business, employees and customers but 2016 will be one of the biggest years for the growth of enterprise mobile applications.

Slow Growth is Catching Up


Mobile enterprise apps have been hailed as the next big thing in business for the last decade, but they haven’t really caught on as well as analysts have expected. However, 2015 saw that enterprise apps are finally starting to reach employees at a much faster rate than before and 2016 will be the stepping stone year for a future where almost every business with 1,000 or more employees will have an app or even a range of apps for the employees to use. Applications for customers have also been growing too and we’d expect plenty of big chains and companies to release their own custom mobile apps in 2016 if they haven’t done so already.

App Developer Focus on Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps can be a great source of income for app developers but there hasn’t been much interest in them in the past. Whilst enterprise apps can fetch an app development company or sole developer with a decent lump sum of cash, many app developers have put their focus elsewhere. With a higher demand for enterprise apps in 2016 and beyond, we’d expect the price companies are willing to pay for applications to rise and as a result, even more opportunities for app developers will open up. If you’re part of an app development company willing to develop enterprise apps in 2016 you’re in an incredibly fortunate spot in the industry to be in.

Demand is Too High

One bleak outlook on the future of enterprise mobile apps is that the demand for such applications has become too high. As more companies are looking to release more applications for their employees and their customers, the rush to develop new applications will increase.

App developers that are working to create enterprise apps will be swimming in projects but there is only so much one development team can do. The only option some businesses will have to create their own enterprise apps will be to hire their own in-house app development teams or look for outsourcing opportunities that they can rely on for the long term. Either way, the demand for app developers is increasing and the demand isn’t being met.

There are two big pieces of information to take from this article. Firstly, the demand for app developers is increasing drastically – this will help to create a healthier, more sustainable industry, but the demand is so high that secondly, many businesses may struggle to release and maintain the applications they would like to have released until the increasing demand for enterprise mobile apps is met.

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Author: Richard Buettner
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  1. Enterprise mobile apps are now the need of every business and Now mobile apps development companies focuses on creating business mobile apps and tracking customer who recently setup their business and looking for mobile apps development companies.The customer on the other hand also get benefited by this because in 2016 internet mobile users exceeds the pc internet users.So they get more potential customers if they have a business mobile apps


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