3 Mobile Advertising Strategies for 2014


The mobile world is constantly evolving, so new strategies are always open for you when it comes to advertising within the mobile space – this year, there are many great opportunities to get started with a great mobile advertising campaign. Today, we’re going to be looking at three of these mobile advertising strategies that have proven to be useful in 2014.

Geo Location – Location Based Services (LBS)

One of the biggest trends for advertising in the mobile industry this year-round is related to the way we interact with the world through our smartphones. For example, many businesses have started to use new technology that allows smartphone owners to get information as they enter a particular location. This technology, which has been dubbed geo-targeting, is a good example of how our smartphone and life interactions can be merged and used as a great advertising strategy.

There aren’t many true methods around that allow smaller businesses to get involved with the geo-targeting trend just yet, but if you plan to make it clear that your business is a big player in your industry, then there are opportunities for you to get your business using such technologies before it becomes widely available to small and local businesses.

With geo-targeting, you want to consider whether you want to reach out to customers in the area as they walk past your place of business, or whether you’d like to offer them various target-related information once they have reached your store or building.

SMS Marketing

Yes, SMS messaging is still a powerful way to reach out to your customers. Many people fear the idea of using SMS for advertising as it’s generally frowned upon, but with an owner’s permission, SMS can potentially replace email with something that ends up being a lot more convenient and accessible for the average consumer.

Whilst it can be hard to effectively advertise via SMS, if you can get a decent amount of people to sign up to an ‘SMS newsletter’ then you can reach out to a potentially large chunk of customers with information on offers, coupons, promotions, etc. Just keep in mind that just like with email, most customers will get fed up and back out of the program if you send too many messages.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-Time Bidding is becoming a huge contender to typical ad networks, and it offers a system that can allow advertisers and marketers to get as much worth out of their advertising campaign as they have available in their budget.

In essence, Real-Time Bidding allows businesses to bid on advertising space in real-time, and with this, businesses can see just how much value they are getting out of their adverts as they are spending it.

With a major integration with mobile analytics, Real-Time Bidding can also be a really easy and effective way to monitor and track ad campaign performance.

There are of course many other advertising strategies to have a look for this year, but so far these three remain to be among the most prominent.

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