5 challenges to expect in App Marketing 2016

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The new year is now well underway but there’s still a lot to happen this year that could sway the waters and bring challenges to app marketing in 2016. In this article, we’d like to touch on a few aspects of app marketing that could prove to be extra challenging this year.

Upping Budgets


Ad spend in 2016 is only going to increase and as a result, the amount of competition in mobile marketing is going to rise too. Companies are expected to pay out more for their marketing budgets in 2016 and if your marketing campaign involves mobile app marketing, you may have to expect an increase in your budget. More strategies are becoming viable in the app marketing space but a lot of the most successful campaigns will charge a pretty penny for users and engagements. With the increase in social media-based ad platforms, improvements in personalized and targeted ads across the whole app marketing space and an increased interest in mobile apps from big companies looking to touch mobile for the first time, there are plenty of reasons why ad spend will be increased in 2016.

Shaky Markets

The interesting thing about marketing a mobile application is that there are so many varying factors that could affect how well it will perform. Choosing what types of ads you use, what operating system you focus on or even what region you pay most interest to could change your marketing outcome drastically. In 2016 there are a few areas that many marketers are going to be unsure about. Firstly, Apple’s stocks are in decline this year, despite their success with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Who know how much the iOS operating system and the Apple App Store could be affected by Apple’s current business successes.

Will Apple recover or will the App Store take a bit of a hit? It’s hard to say so it’s a bit of a scary time to invest fully in iOS app marketing. It isn’t just Apple though. Certain regions are proving to be shaky choices in 2016, too. For example, despite UK’s performance as a top app consumer, their economic slow down in 2016 could affect the performance of the UK’s app spending.

All of these unrelated changes that affect certain regions and platforms will all have the chance to shake up your previous strategies, so new campaigns should be thought out carefully.

Old Strategies Won’t Work

Using old marketing strategies from your past financial year will work to some extent of course but if you don’t adjust to new trends and changes in the app industry, your overall marketing efforts may not return as good results as you were hoping. It’s important to keep an eye on important 2016 app marketing trends and see what methods of marketing are proving to be successful and profitable in 2016. Once again, picking out what options to choose is a little harder at the start of the year because there’s still a lot to pay attention to.

Whatever your marketing plans are for 2016, make sure to revisit your current plans and ensure that what you invest into will be beneficial for your company.

The Social Media Marketing Boom

Social media marketing through platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become incredibly popular and highly beneficial for businesses across the globe. Having access to accurate user targeting, analytics and fine control on ad spend is all available through Facebook and Twitter and social media marketing will be one of the fastest-growing markets in 2016. Whilst ad marketing via social media can be used for any kind of business, the app market has lots of unique opportunities that attention needs to be paid to. In 2016 there are bound to be more social media marketing opportunities opening up – for example, Snapchat and Pinterest are big social media players that are actively looking to open up opportunities for marketers. As an app marketer, it will be important to focus on what social media platforms are the best picks for app marketing and no matter what, a strong app marketing campaign should incorporate some kind of social media platform.

Location Based Advertising

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and similar services are now being widely used across the globe by millions of smartphone owners and in 2016 there are bound to be drastic changes that could affect how mobile wallet payments work. Location-based advertising may also become more of an option for many mobile marketing campaigns. Whilst both of these wouldn’t traditionally be used for app marketing, paying attention to location-based advertising and contactless mobile payments in 2016 should be important because the changes made to these two services in 2016 could have an effect on app marketing in the future.

As always, it’s important to constantly evaluate your mobile marketing efforts and ensure your business is choosing the right options. Going into 2016 has never been a better time to revisit all of your previous marketing strategies and campaigns.

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