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I’ve been in the digital business since ’97 and in digital marketing since ’03 (which is practically ancient in internet years). I’ve seen it all and have a lot to be jolly about – hence the name.

I spent the beginning of my career doing marketing for industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Infor. For the past 15 years, however, I was building and scaling SaaS B2B marketing activities from the ground up, which has become one of my key strengths. With a wealth of experience in early-stage SaaS startups, I specialize in a product- or sales-led approach to SaaS marketing.

I have a proven track record of building strong demand and lead generation engines using a combination of CRM, automation, paid media, and content marketing. My marketing focus and experience on SaaS-specific KPIs such as CAC, CLTV, and churn rates have yielded exceptional results for my clients.

Founding and managing my own digital marketing agency in the 2010s, which served over 500 clients, honed my ability to rapidly and adeptly assimilate new industries, scenarios, target markets/audiences, and content formats.

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My mission

With vast experience in digital marketing, I am equipped to hit the ground running and help you avoid costly mistakes. As a senior management consultant, I offer a unique blend of tactical campaign execution and big-picture strategic thinking to ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Let me help you take your business to the next level with our comprehensive suite of B2B marketing consulting services.

My Vision

At Jolly Marketer, we bring cutting-edge marketing strategies and technology to SaaS companies to drive growth. Our vision is to help you achieve your growth goals by providing hands-on campaign execution and big-picture strategic considerations. We understand the importance of internal alignment and are here to guide you every step of the way.

My methods

I tailor methods to the specific client’s ideal customer profiles and personas, “fail-fast”-implementing a range of strategies such as content creation engines, AI-powered lead generation, marketing automation, and account-based marketing to ensure fast results and optimized growth.

My experience
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