App Promotion Strategy for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to pick up a new app promotion strategy and the logic behind it is undeniably easy to understand. Every year, the holiday season is filled with buyers picking up new gifts. Spending is at an all-time high and plenty of new smartphone owners are looking to fill up their device with new applications. As a result of the festive season, existing smartphone owners could be more likely to spend a little bit of money on some applications as well.

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Unfortunately, it’s not just as easy as running your standard marketing campaign during Christmas. If you want to see results you may need to run a brand new app promotion strategy for the holiday season. There’s no doubt that other app marketers will be attempting to capture a share of the holiday market too, so there’s a lot of fast-paced competition that is going to occur over the next few weeks.

Increase Your Visibility

One of the most important things you can do during the app store rush hour is to improve the visibility of the app store. App store optimization is of course very important all year round, but this month could be a great time to re-evaluate your ASO. On top of making sure you’re ranking as highly as possible through ASO and other methods, such as burst campaigns, you could edit your app store description to include any holiday deals or promotions you may have running.

To really get in the holiday spirit you could even update your app store icon and screenshots to reflect your involvement with the season. It’s hard to measure how well this could perform for your application, but if there’s any seasonal content you plan to launch for your app, this could be a great time to get festive.

Tighten Up your Budget

Acquiring new users is more expensive during the holiday period than it is during other times of the year. If you currently have any ongoing campaigns, you should re-evaluate those to ensure that you’re budget is being used efficiently. You may even consider slowing down your campaigns so that your budget can be reserved for other seasons when the cost per user is lower. Focusing on visibility is very important at this time of year so it’s important you’re putting enough focus on that, instead of other campaigns that may be more cost-effective when things are less frantic.

Marketing Past The Holidays

The big week is obviously the days leading up to Christmas day and the following days after, but your app promotion strategy for the holiday season should consider marketing past the holidays. Millions of new devices are handed to users at Christmas and these users will still be downloading lots of new apps into the new year. You should make sure to consider this when looking at how much you’d like to spend on your marketing budget. You should put a lot of focus into the holiday season but don’t burn out your budget so that you have nothing to put towards picking up new users during the new year.

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