Get your app found in the app stores

The app stores are filled with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of applications made by developers who all want to gain popularity for their apps just like you. Because of this, the app store can be a fierce competitive ground, and if you want to stand a chance against the competition, you’ll need to try hard to create a decent app page.

How do I get my app noticed?

Find the Right App Stores

The first thing to consider after developing an app is what app stores to put it on. If you feel like putting the extra effort in, creating a multi-platform app can greatly improve your chances to get recognized, as well as improving your audience range to both high earners and average everyday smartphone users. There are also more app stores available other than the stock stores that require little effort to upload to after development, especially for Android. Using third party app stores will once again push your potential downloads across multiple locations, giving you an even greater chance to get recognized.

Pushing your app to higher ranks

Spamming your app across app stores isn’t enough to get a worthy amount of notice though, and that’s where other techniques will come in. One strong technique is getting your application pushed high up on the charts for a small period of time. It’s far from easy to get the app right in the top few, however there are ways to push it closer to the top, which means closer to a huge amount of downloads. A good way to push your ranking up is to purposely strive for bulk downloads instead of hoping for a steady supply of new downloaders over a long period of time.
If your app is a paid app, a good way to do this is to decrease the price and put the app up on sale. Other working methods that are helpful for both paid and free apps involve using social sharing and other media sharing. If you’re working on a new feature for your app, share a date with everyone you are connected with when the new features will go live, and make sure no one forgets that date.
Last but not least we offer media buying service which will bring you into the listings and corresponding downloads guaranteed.

Optimize your app page

When someone searches up an app concept into the search bar, they’ll be looking for certain elements or features that the app has available. By creating an app page that reflects the possible searches you’re creating a great amount of potential downloads for your application. It’s also important to write out in clear paragraphs what your app is capable of and why it can be beneficial to the user.
Use similar apps to get a good idea of how to construct your app information, and then move on to creating more features of the app page to help draw in potential downloaders after they see your app in the search results. To do this successfully create an appealing app icon that best describes your app, and make sure the first few lines of text of your app information are simple whilst still explaining the app concept strongly, because this is what potential downloaders will see first on the search results.

By following these techniques you’ll have a better chance at drawing in more customers and building more downloads, and after that point it will become easier as your app gains more popularity. It doesn’t start easy, but passion for your app and a decent amount of effort are the only ways to get it to the places you hope to reach.

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