How do app bundles work in iOS 8

In iOS 8, Apple has made a large number of changes to the app store, and are offering more tools for developers in the hope to help developers reach out to new users. Perhaps one of the most noticeable additions to the app store in iOS 8 are app bundles; these are bundles that will allow developers to package together multiple previously released apps into one single product, which can be purchased at a set price. Below we’ve provided some information on how app bundles work in iOS 8.

Bundling Together Apps for a Discount

Perhaps one of the most interesting features about the app bundles in iOS 8 is the ability for developers to choose the price for their bundled apps. If a developer has a range of different apps and expects customers may benefit from multiple apps within a certain category, developers will be able to package together with these apps into an app bundle and sell it for a discounted price.

This could open up a lot of potential for marketing and revenue growth within the app store, and it can help developers to improve the sales of apps that may be underperforming.

If a user already has an app within a bundle, the price of that app can be deducted from the app bundle price too, which will help encourage users who already own certain apps from a developer to purchase a bundle to save extra money.


Apps do not have to be bundled together at a discount, and it could simply offer users a quick way to download or purchase multiple apps at once. Once a bundle is purchased, all apps within the bundle will be downloaded together.

App Bundle Limitations

There are a few limitations set in place for the app bundles in iOS 8, although the majority of them are unlikely to be reached by most developers. For example, each app bundle in iOS 8 will only support up to ten individual apps.

A total of 10 different bundles can be put on sale at once, and each bundle can contain any variety of apps within the developer’s app library, however, no app can be placed into more than three bundles at any one time.

All apps within a bundle must also be available for download separately, which means developers will not be able to create apps specifically for certain bundles. Pricing and discount details are still not too clear, but we are to believe that Apple will allow developers to price the bundle at full price or at a discount, but not price it any higher than the added price of all individual apps within a bundle.

iOS 8 App Bundles Effect on the Market

It’s understandable to wonder what effects, good or bad, the new iOS 8 app bundles may have on the app store, and whilst it’s hard to predict the extent to app bundles could change things up, it’s possible pricing for apps may be changed around a little after app bundles are more widely used.

If users are offered discounted bundles at a lower price, we may see more developers working on collections of applications, and developers selling solo apps with a price tag may be impacted negatively by these changes.

Additionally, with bundles like the Humble mobile bundle already offering low prices to great mobile apps and games, app users may expect to pay less for their apps, perhaps driving down the average cost app users are willing to spend on apps and games within the app store. Despite potential lower prices, developers may be able to increase revenue by selling larger quantities of apps at a time.

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