Is App Cross Promotion the Future of App Marketing?

Thanks to the competitive nature of the app market, developers have been pushed to providing their services for very little, and their customers are expecting more and more for free. When we’re in this position it makes it difficult to gain enough new customers to bring in any profit, and when you’re working with a next-to-nothing budget, a decent marketing campaign is hard to capture. A good alternative that can help developers make the most out of the market at no cost is a term called app cross-promotion, and it could very well be the future of all app marketing.

What is App Cross Promotion?

App Cross Promotion is a marketing strategy that involves developers advertising each other’s applications via advert placements within their own apps to help share around customers.

The idea is that both developers can make the most out of cross-promoting their application in the other developer’s application without spending a penny. Although a developer would only benefit from cross-promoting with another developer once, it’d possible to cross-promote with plenty of other developers as well.

The idea is one that is perfect for developers with a low budget on their projects, and although there’s no real currency being exchanged between developers, downloads on an application could in essence be considered a currency in itself.

If Apple and Google are happy to let app cross-promotion flourish, it could become huge, and it’d be simple to do. There are plenty of startup mobile advertising platforms that support app cross-promotion, but at the moment they haven’t seen the mainstream appeal, mainly due to the huge amount of revenue available in advertising.

When you consider Google’s main profits come from its web advertising, and you combine that with the huge scale of the smartphone industry, it’s easy to see that a strong advertising platform could be a potential gold mine.

However, if we are lucky, developers could work together to build an app cross-promotion network that requires a one-time fee, and mobile marketing could be a cheap and successful route to take.

Do you think app cross-promotion could catch on? It’s a very cheap method for developers to gain customers, but will a non-monetized ad market be beneficial or detrimental to the app industry as a whole?

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