The Best App Discovery Sites and Apps

Whether you’re looking at other apps to learn more about how developers gain success, or you want to learn more about what belongs in the market, using the official app stores usually doesn’t give you all the information you may need to know. You can receive more information from other app discovery sites and applications though, of which some do a great job at displaying the best applications currently available and why they are the best.
By observing the market, you’re giving yourself an advantage over those who don’t pay attention to other apps and developers, helping you to cater your app to your potential downloader’s needs.
The Best App Discovery Applications

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As the name suggests, FreeAppKing showcases the best free applications available for download for both Android and iOS. The application also gives players links to on-sale apps and a few other offers most likely advertised by developers.
FreeAppKing neatly categorizes apps between free, paid, and on-sale, which is something that traditional app websites seem to avoid. By doing this, downloaders can search for applications depending on their budget, and developers will be able to show off their apps amongst other applications with similar pricing structures.

Discovr Apps

Although Discovr Apps costs $1.49 to download, it offers an app discovery system like none other. Discovr Apps uses a system that allows you to find applications similar to other apps by using a web diagram splitting off from the application you have searched for. Visually, it’s very impressive, and it does a great job at locating applications after one app has been defined by the user.
Using Discovr Apps developers can locate different applications that compete with their app and learn what each application does to make it worthwhile. For this reason, Discovr is a great tool for both developers and downloaders.
The Best App Discovery Websites


Pinterest managed to take the world by storm with the strange phenomena of sharing photos between those that you know little about. Ooomf takes the formula from Pinterest and places it into the world of mobile apps. On the app-user side of Ooomf, users can build a catalog of applications and genres that they love best and then share them with others on Ooomf. On the developer-side, app devs can create home pages for their applications and place information about their app here. Ooomf users can then of course share this around, and a constant cycle of developers bringing in more apps for the users, and users sharing the developers’ apps begins. Ooomf is quite new, however, it’s starting to pick up the pace and it’s already offering a lot of opportunities for developers across the globe.
Becoming more involved with the applications available to you will help you to learn more about the market you’re trying to become a part of, and with simple ‘research’ like playing a game, or using an app, you can pick up an unprecedented amount of tips and hints to building a strong application for yourself.

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