App Marketing with Adwords – Which Apps can Benefit?

Marketing your mobile application via AdWords is a viable marketing approach to take, however, there are certain things you should consider before wasting your budget on this advertising platform. Below we’ve listed two types of apps that can benefit from app marketing with Adwords, and have also provided a checklist so that you can ensure your app brings in enough revenue to cover your advertising costs.

Apps that Can get an ROI Via IAPS or In-App Advertisementsadwords

If you’re going to directly spend a portion of your budget on app marketing with Adwords, you will need to at least break even with revenue for it to be worthwhile. There are many methods to earn revenue from your application, however, if they are not implemented correctly, they may not bring back enough revenue to cover your advertising budget.

Typically, there are two different methods for earning revenue from in-app events – in-app purchases and in-app advertisements. For both of these methods to be successful, you need to work on improving two metrics.

Average Session Time

The average session time for your app users will depend on the content provided within your app and how immersive it is. If it is a game app, using addictive gameplay can keep your app users in your app for longer, if it’s a utility app, providing features that users would need on a daily basis will help to improve your app user’s average session time.

Increasing your app user average session time has many benefits; firstly, if you choose to place in-app advertisements in your mobile application, your users will see more ads per session if they spend more time within your application, which leads to higher revenue per user.

If you choose to include in-app purchases in your mobile application, users who devote a large chunk of time within your application will feel more willing to spend on in-app purchases over users who spend less time within your app.

User Retention

Getting downloads for your applications means nothing if you can’t manage to keep your app users within your app. There are many user retention strategies out there to convince your app users to continue using your app over time, and as users spend more time within your application over the course of a month or a year, they will become more loyal to your app. Active app users who keep your application for more than a week are much more likely to spend on IAPs than new users, and they can continue to increase your revenue from advertisements too.

Apps that Funnel Downloads Into Services or Products Your Business Provides

If you do not earn revenue from within your application, you will need to earn money from other resources. If you do not, then your ad spends from app marketing with Adwords would be wasted.

One method to earn revenue via your mobile application is to funnel your app users into a service or product your business can provide. This approach would only work well for applications that are related to the services or products you can provide. For example, if your business sells DIY equipment, your app could provide DIY smartphone tools or tips on fixing things in the home. This way, you can funnel users to your business who are explicitly interested in what you can provide.


Before spending any money on app marketing with Adwords, you need to make sure you can bring in an acceptable ROI. Below we have provided a checklist to ensure you can achieve your revenue goals.

  • Provide a revenue stream: either via IAPs, advertisements or other products.
  • Ensure you have app user retention strategies planned out so your ad spend is used effectively.
  • Plan strategies to increase your app user average session time.
  • Find a platform that can provide you with the data you need to measure metrics, revenue earned and money spent on ad spend.

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