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By featuring your app across multiple app stores you’ll increase your chance of reaching new customers. Of course, the first two platforms to cover will always be the iOS AppStore and the Google Play store, but after you’ve covered these two, the third popular app store is most likely the Amazon app store. There may not be as much competition on the Amazon app store as there are on the other two, but you’ll still need to market your app page correctly, because, without an optimized app page, you’re only going to limit your customer potential.

How Can I Market My App on the Amazon app Store?

The App title

Everything begins with a title, and there is no exception for your app page on the Amazon app store. Make sure to choose a good title that is original, descriptive and to the point. Don’t add descriptive words like great, awesome, or incredible because that will only make potential downloaders feel as if you’re touting your app and being biased to how good it actually it is. Be truthful about your title, and make sure it stands out.

The App Description

If the search engine doesn’t pick up any of your title words, the app description is a second chance to grab search results, but it’s also the first chance you’re going to get at describing your application and what it can do for your customers. Make sure to use proper English, and display your description neatly. Include features of the application that customers may be specifically searching for, as well as the complexity and depth of the app. Is it a game or an application? How do other successful applications in the same category market their app? What features might make it different from others in its category? – These are all questions you will need to ask yourself when planning out your app description on the Amazon app store.

Images and Screenshots

A description is nice, but unless you have picture proof to back up your stated features, customers are going to feel less secure when downloading your app, and that’s why it’s important to make use of all the image options the Amazon app store has to offer. You can include up to 10 screenshots, and although you may not need to use all 10 of these, make sure to take a screenshot to cover every feature of your application.

Sign up for Amazon’s Free App of the Day (FAD)

Amazon has a service that takes a handful of apps from their app store and offers each one per day to customers for free. Signing up to this allows you to get ‘featured’ without needing 5 out of 5 ratings or thousands of downloads. Once you’re on the Free App of the Day area, you’ll get a huge boosted amount of downloads, and if your app is good, there are no doubt downloaders will share with their friends as well. If your app is a paid app, you’ll have to accept you may be losing out on profit, but if it weren’t for the Amazon FAD opportunity, you probably wouldn’t be able to receive as many downloads at the same volume anyway.

The Amazon app store has a few features that work similarly to other app stores, making marketing rather similar, but there are areas that need to be looked at that won’t be necessary when marketing on a different app store, such as the Free App of the Day service.

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