App Marketing in Latin America

Savvy app marketers are starting to look for better ways to reach out to new customers, and sometimes this means leaving behind the land you know best and focusing on new regions and new sets of customers. Sometimes, focusing on different regions can return better results than working in your home region, and although some of the bigger regions will always be the most lucrative for the top earners in the app market, there are some hidden gems that could prove to be successful for your own application.s One of these hidden gems in Latin America.

Why Latin America Can Prove to Be a Successful Market

Smartphone penetration in Latin America is growing, and as more manufacturers reach out to new markets with cheaper handsets, Latin America, along with many other regions, is proving to be filled with new potential.

In 2013 alone, IDC forecasts that 91 million smartphones were shipped to Latin America, and over the last few years, many countries like Brazil and Mexico are seeing incredible growth.

Whilst the user value for app users in these regions may be lower than that in Europe or America, gaining users in these regions is also cheaper, so the positive impacts easily balance out any negative ones. For example, the CPI is much lower in many Latin American countries, but as a tradeoff, many smartphone users in these regions pay very little for apps or in-app purchases. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though.

cost per install by Territory
Source: AdParlor

Surprisingly, when it comes to smartphone usage, Mexico has proven to be the fourth most engaged country in the world, and both Mexico and Brazil rank quite high for the average amount of free apps installed per user. So, through advertisements, and other revenue models that are easy on your user’s wallets, Latin American regions could easily prove to be successful for your app.

How To Market Your App in Latin America

There are a few key things that need to be done to market your app in another region, and it’s actually fairly easy to do this for Latin America.


Unlike most regions,  Europe for example, which are comprised of many different languages, Latin Americans speak one of two languages; Portuguese or Spanish. Both of these languages are fairly similar, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a decent translator that can help with app localization.

Finding an Ad Network

To get yourself out there, you may want to consider investing in Latin American ad networks. There are very many different platforms to choose from, a couple of examples being TAPTAP Networks or Hunt Mobile Ads.

Once you’ve settled in on a Latin American ad network, you can hopefully start to see users pour in. Remember, the CPI should be a lot lower than for European or American app users, so you could be saving a decent amount of money on your investment budget.

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