App Marketing Strategies 2013

So you’ve made a killer app, it sits well in the app store, and there’s no app out there that’s quite like yours, but unfortunately, the biggest part to your application’s success has only just started. When there are multiple app stores ranging across different Operating Systems and each OS app store has 100s of thousands to maybe even millions of applications available for download, finding strong app marketing strategies are almost more important than developing the application itself.

What 2013 app marketing strategies can I use to make my app successful?

Social Marketing

Learning how to successfully run and manage accounts for your applications on social networking sites has always been important. Building follower connections on Twitter or Facebook is key to maintaining an active fan base. There’s no point getting someone to download the app and then delete it a few hours later, you need an incentive to keep customers interested in your app. Share information on social sites, and connect with like-minded people to build yourself a group of followers who really care about the app they have downloaded.

App store keywords and images

First impressions are important, so it’s necessary that you nail the keywords and create an interesting set of images to accompany your application on the app stores your app is occupied on. Make sure to select a decent name for your app, and in your description neatly describe what features your application includes. Choose a category and place keywords that best fit the description of your application and use a compelling first few sentences to make potential customers click to find out more about your app.

Finally, create an eye-catching logo for your application, something that’s colourful and well-composed. It may even be smart to get a graphic designer to help design something to best illustrate your application. We call that App Store Optimisation (ASO).

App Reviews

There are plenty of websites out there that are dedicated to mobiles and mobile applications, and some will be happy to give your application a review for free. Search around and get into contact with a few website owners because this is a quick way to get the attention of people who want new applications for their smartphone. One article could bring in hundreds to thousands of new downloads.

Encourage users to rate your application

If you’re managing to get a steady pace of new customers trying out your application, make sure to get them to rate your application in the app store. Each rating will help potential downloads in the future, and if your app manages to consistently have four or five stars in the app store, you’re going to be seeing a lot more new users checking out what the buzz is about. Don’t just plead for good ratings though, give your app users a reason to give a rating. If it’s a game, offer a reward for those who rate the app, or if it’s business-related, give them a discount on your products for giving it 5 stars.

As you can see, there’s a lot of science behind app marketing strategies, but with a bit of hard work and your own personal input, you can usually go a long way. Don’t lose hope if your app is not receiving many downloads though, keep persistent, and you’ll eventually see downloads reach higher numbers.

Mobile Ad Networks

For some time this would be the most secure way to drive downloads and installs. There are different networks available all specialise in different things and with different pricing and quality of users. They can be incentivised downloads as well a non incentivised. At the very moment, on Jan 13, the cost per install is around $1.1, so this option can get pricey and is more recommended for bigger budgets and experienced marketers.

Whatever strategy your going for the most important strategic thing is still the app itself. With a mediocre app you will not succeed in 2013 – this is set in stone.

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