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mistakes app marketing

Developing an app is only half the battle. The other half is of course marketing the application, and although there are plenty of ways to do things the right way when it comes to marketing your app, there are things that are not going to help you or cut into your profits. These marketing mistakes are best learned and avoided as they can save you from learning the hard way.

The Biggest Mistakes with Marketing Your Apps

Not Planning Your App

After hearing stories about young programmers making millions from simple applications it’s easy to jump in with excitement and create an app that hasn’t been worked out. Even if you create a great app, you may release there are things you want to change afterward to help market your app, but after it’s developed, those changes may not be easy to make. For this reason, it’s important to plan out a marketing campaign before finishing development on your app so that you can adjust any code if need be.

Downloads aren’t everything

So you’ve made a killer app, you’ve marketed it well, and you seeing downloads pour in the left right, and center. Congratulations if you make it this far, but if you don’t do something to keep users interested in your app, those downloads won’t mean anything. You need to think that these downloaders are your customers, and you are providing an ongoing service that will need to be updated, tweaked, and changed for your customer’s enjoyment.
Adding new content will help keep your customers interested, and make sure you read download comments and fix any bugs that may be spoiling your customer’s experiences. These two are the simplest ways to maintain good customer retention.

Paying for Free Services

A good way to market your app is to get a mobile/app website to review it. However, some of these websites will charge money for this service and although it makes sense that writers should be getting paid for writing a detailed review for your application, there are plenty of websites that will take app submissions for free. The websites that review apps for free usually manage to make enough money to pay their writers through advertising, and this is because these websites get more page views than websites that may charge for a similar service.
Not Reaching Out to New Customers
The app market is very dynamic, and this means that are plenty of places to gain (and lose) customers. If you want to make sure you gain customers after developing your app, you will need to spread your app out to as many platforms as possible. Getting it available for iOS, various Android markets, and even the Windows Phone market can dramatically increase the chances you will have to get downloads, so make sure you don’t limit yourself to one or two platforms.

Not Creating a Recognizable Logo or Brand Name

If you want your app experience to be memorable to a customer, the first step starts with your app page. Your app should have a unique and memorable name, and the logo should follow suit. Creating a ‘brand name’ for your current app and any future apps will help customers recognize you and your apps later on, so it’s important to create a memorable title label for any apps you plan on developing.

If you want to learn more about marketing your app correctly, you can read through our blog section.

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