App Store Optimisation (ASO) – Best Practices

App Store Optimization, or ASO, works similarly to SEO in that it is a method of increasing your chance of being found in the app store by optimizing your page with keywords and content. However, the difference with ASO and SEO, is that with ASO it’s important to both improve your chances of being clicked on once you’ve been found.

Tips for App Optimization

Improve keywords and description

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The first route of action to take for any good ASO is of course to include keywords and descriptive information in your app info area to one help increase chances of being found in the app store, and two, help users understand what your app does before they click onto your app.

There’s no point sticking hundreds of irrelevant keywords into your app description, but instead, focus on keywords you know your potential customers will be searching for, and if you have any similar apps that have proven to be popular in the past, include that as a reference as well, as app store users will often check for any alternatives to their favourite apps or games.

Also, make sure your first few lines of description are as quick and to the point as possible: this will help users understand whether they want to click on your app or not right from the search results page.

Make your app look impressive

There’s no point in having a huge paragraph of information about your application if you can’t grab a potential downloader’s attention first, and unfortunately, that can be quite tricky to do as with a fast-paced smartphone in their hands, it’s unlikely their attention span is any good at all.

A good way to grab a searcher’s attention is to include images and screenshots of your app to quickly show viewers what your app consists of. Don’t include anything that the app doesn’t actually include, as this is bad for business and will only bring in negative reviews, but make sure to include the most appealing parts of your app right there and then.

It’s also important to have a good icon and logo for your app. Dull colours or unimaginative designs will quickly get dismissed, and that’s why it’s important to come up with a logo that is hard to forget among the crowds of other applications.

Make a name That Won’t Be Forgotten

Let’s say you’re making a game similar to Angry Birds, but instead of using birds as your main characters, you are using dogs. Giving the name ‘Angry Dogs’ is unoriginal and you’re putting yourself directly below Angry Birds and any other similar game. Instead, you should come up with a name that hasn’t been thought of before. This way, your game will likely spread through word of mouth a lot smoother than otherwise. If you gave the game a name like Dogamite, it’d likely catch on a lot quicker and will spark curiosity between friends and family when someone says they are playing ‘Dogamite’ instead of ‘Angry Dogs’

Obviously, this is just an example, but it shows how effective an original name can be as opposed to an unoriginal one, and even though it’s difficult to come up with something original amongst all the other apps on the market, it really pays to take the time to come up with something new.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a few basic ideas on how to improve your App Store app page, and once you’ve fully optimized it, you’re bound to see more downloads coming in. It’s a difficult market out there, but right now it’s abundant with opportunities, so good luck, and don’t feel disheartened if your app doesn’t sell well at first, just keep adjusting and improving and better results are sure to come.

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