App Store Optimization (ASO) and SEO – How they Grow Together

A lot of experts in the mobile industry are referring to app store optimization as the new SEO, and whilst ASO shares some qualities of search engine optimization, this is certainly not true. Both ASO and SEO are used for different things, and in fact, they can be used in partnership with one another to bring in better results for both your web-based and app-based ventures.

Viewership from SEO Can be Funneled into More App Downloadsaso

Whilst your direct goal from improving on-site SEO may be to increase viewership on your website, it is possible to funnel new users to your mobile application too. As your website grows through SEO, your daily active user base will increase, and one or two posts about your mobile app are all it takes to spark curiosity in your active users and bring them over to your app store page.

Whilst you can’t expect direct results from this method, if you are already putting the effort in to increase viewership on your website, you may as well benefit from it by putting links to your mobile app or any other content you may want your visitors or customers to see.

On top of being able to lead website visitors to your app page, you can provide links or notifications in your app to lead your app user base to your website too. By doing this, you’re using both SEO and ASO alongside each other to gain maximum results for two different platforms.

ASO and SEO Marketers are on the Same Page

The great thing about hiring somebody with good knowledge about SEO is that they most likely have a fair understanding of ASO too. If somebody within your business is handling the SEO side of things for your website, ask them about app store optimization, and they may be able to give you some advice.

If they’ve never touched ASO before in their life, simply understanding the process of SEO will still be useful because a lot of the same keyword search practices are done for the app store too, and it’s often easier to pick out the right keywords and see considerable results over the next week.

Building an Online Brand

If you decide to use SEO for your website and ASO for your mobile application, over time you will be able to build a following for both platforms that helps to expand your brand name and paint a better picture of your business. More people from both desktop PCs and mobile devices will learn about your business and brand name, and by creating an app that reflects the same appearance and values of your website, you’ll be able to create an experience that your customers will familiarize themselves with.

App store optimization and search engine optimization are two of the most powerful methods for bringing in new customers whilst on a budget, and if you manage these two aspects yourself, you could see a lot of progress on your website and app without spending a single penny from your budget.

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