Best App Tracking Tools 2013

If you’re going to want to sell your app successfully you’re going to need to keep a tight eye on all the statistics you can get. You will need to follow your app’s ranking, it’s downloads, and every other tidbit of information that could be telling you you’re doing the right or wrong thing for your marketing.
What App Tracking Tools Can I Use To Help My Marketing Strategies?

AppFigures – Web-based

AppFigures is used by a lot of big-time app publishers such as Rockstar, eBay, Capcom, and O’reilly. It offers hourly updates about your app’s stats across multiple mobile platforms. It automatically imports app data and spreads them into detailed charts and tables, allowing you to make sense of your app statistics. You’ll also get daily emails giving you a detailed summary of each day as it happens, as well as great API access.
The basis of AppFigures comes for free, allowing you to keep track of five apps at a time, however, there are priced bundles that offer more features like app ranking and reviews, and take the app limit away.

Distimo- Mobile App

Distimo lets you use decent app analytics to analyze the performance of your apps across every mobile app store you’ll need to put your app on. With Distimo you can easily track downloads, revenues, rankings reviews, and ratings whilst keeping an eye on similar competition all for free.
You can get daily summaries giving you information through detailed infographics, allowing you to assess your app’s progress at a glance.
Not only can you manage your marketing strategies based on your app’s sales performance on Distimo, but you can also observe others, and learn how your competition markets their app. This is a great insight for a new app developer, and the whole application is available for free and is available on most app stores.

App Annie- Mobile App

With App Annie, you can keep track of downloads, revenues, rankings, and reviews within neat charts and tables across daily or weekly ranges, giving you information on when and where your app is performing the best.
App Annie can automatically gather information for both Google Play and Apple iTunes apps and monitor, visualize and analyze important trends happening with your apps. You can also safely store all of your data allowing you to analyze previous records and stats to assess your progress.
App Annie is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes store.
With a decent app tracking tool, you can closely keep an eye on what is best for your application, and work towards making a strong app marketing campaign. It may take a bit of trial and error to find out what works best for your application, but without informative app tracking software, you’re going to have an extremely hard time figuring out how to improve your app’s overall success.

There are plenty of options out there, but the above three offer the most for your application at no cost.

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