The Apple Passbook App and its Smartest Integrations

Apple Passbook is a new system that has been on iPhones and iPods since iOS 6, and it has created a few ripples across the business world. As a consumer, Apple Passbook allows users to put all of their favourite services and entertainment in one easy to manage place – it’s a spot for coupons, loyalty cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, and lots more consumer-related content.

In essence, it allows users to get rid of the clutter in their wallet and replace it with one friendly application that many businesses have started to cater for.

From a business standpoint, to get involved in the Apple Passbook scene, you’ll need to create a pass – a pass is a small digital card that appears in passbook and can contain a wide range of information or content similar to what was mentioned in the first paragraph.

The Basics of Passbook Passes

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Passes on the Apple Passbook app are split into five different categories; boarding pass, coupon, event ticket, store card or generic. Each pass has certain capabilities and appearances that the other does not. The idea of using a pass on the business side of things is to attract more people into your doors, and then convince them to come back again. Each of these categories could help for various reasons to reach these goals, and the smartest passbook business integrations could prove to be a whole new marketing campaign on its own, at a very cheap price.

As an example, a coupon pass could be given over social media as an incentive to bring in more likes and follows – you could use a Facebook app to reward a coupon to a follower if he or she shares your page, and offer another coupon pass for each individual on that follower’s friends list who decides to like the page too.

This right here is giving a large pool of customers a very good reason to pop by your place of business to put the coupon to use, which could possibly bring in more new customers right off the bat. However, the smartest passbook business integrations will take it a step further.

Smartest Passbook Business Integrations

Now that you have new customers coming in that are trying to use their coupon pass, you’ll know that they use passbook and that they probably won’t pass any deals that come their way related to the service.

So, to take this further, you could then offer any coupon pass holders a brand new pass at checkout which falls under the store card category – this store card could offer new coupon passes for frequent visits to the area; through geo-targeting and location-based data, you could encourage users to come by your place of business each time they walk past and offer them passbook coupons and deals on the go.

The smartest passbook business integrations take into consideration all of the possible pass categories available for use, and then provide a “hook” for new customers, which can then be treated to with new deals and offers through passbook offers in-store.

Passbook can be an easy tool to use to bring in brand new customers, but as I have explained, smart business integration would allow you to bring those new customers back time and time again.

Some Passbook Examples

Why marketers should utilise Passbook more often

  • Passbook comes with the Apple iOS so the penetrations is a given
  • Features like scanning QR codes and add print vouchers to the passbook app should drive adoption to high rates
  • The app works perfectly for coupons and the redemption rates are higher for mobile coupons than their print counterparts. Also, the viral spread of the coupons is straightforward (sharing)
  • Mobile coupon redemption rates are much higher than the print ones (10% vs 1%)
  • The likely future mobile payment integration into Apple’s Passbook
  • The promising combination of iBeacon and Passbook

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