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Apple’s mobile advertising platform, iAds, has struggled to wow advertisers ever since it was launched in 2010, however since its first release Apple has constantly been trying to get more recognition for their iAds service. In 2014, iAds is still being worked on by Apple, and it’s made a lot of progress since 2010. Is Apple’s iAds still something to avoid, or is it a new mobile advertising platform worth investing in? Let’s take a look at some of the most recent developments in Apple’s iAds platform.

iAds Now Offers Opportunities to Small Time Marketers

When Apple’s iAds first launched, it was largely targeted towards big-time developers in an attempt to offer them better methods to earn revenue on Apple’s mobile operating system. The minimum ad spend was a rather hefty $1 million, making it impossible for smaller developers to compete with the top earners in the app store.

Since then, Apple’s iAds has opened up, and it is now available to anybody with an Apple ID. The minimum spend is now just $50, meaning that businesses of any shape or size can now look into marketing on Apple’s mobile advertising platform.

The Workbench is Expanding

Along with the drastic change in minimum spending, Apple has put a lot of work into making the iAds experience as user friendly as possible. Apple now offers a suite of various different analytical tools and information to allow developers and advertisers to get the most out of their budget.

This suite of tools has been named the Workbench, and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to it before it matches up with the services available in other mobile advertising platforms, but Apple is putting the effort in to make sure that it’s a worthy competitor.

Adverts can now be CPM instead of just cost-per-click, and ads can link onto websites, iTunes links or even lead on to a 30-60 second video – these are the kind of things that should have been integrated a long time ago, so it’s nice to see more support being added to the iAds service.

Full Screen Video Advertisements

So now that Apple has laid down the basis of a potentially useful mobile ad network, the question is, what can Apple’s iAds offer that no other advertising platform can’t offer already? To be honest, at this stage there isn’t that much that Apple can gloat about.

However, because iAds is directly developed by Apple, the service doesn’t have any limits when it comes to providing content and tools for advertisers, which cannot be said about other third-party mobile advertising platforms. It could be very possible that iAds could be filled with useful features in the future, as well as new advertising opportunities and mediums. One such medium is the new full-sized advertisement that turns small banners into full-screen videos when the advert banner is clicked on.

The idea behind full-screen video adverts is to provide a decent amount of context to the end-user, but only when a user consciously chooses to learn more about a particular advertisement – this means that the advertisement won’t disrupt the user or get in the way of what he or she may be doing at the time.

iTunes Radio Integration

The team behind Apple’s iAds have already mentioned their plans to move focus onto monetizing iTunes Radio this year, and when monetization options are available for the radio service, marketers will be able to use Apple’s facilitated real-time bidding exchange to purchase ad space, which could, in turn, lead Apple’s iAds platform to be even more affordable for marketers on a budget in the near future.
It’s clear that Apple is taking steps to introduce Apple’s iAds mobile advertising platform to the rest of the world by reducing minimum ad spend and developing easily accessible analytical tools, and as Apple moves away from solely supporting businesses with big marketing budgets, things will be put onto even grounds for most businesses using the iAds service. Right now, there are still many great alternatives, but Apple has done a great job at improving its service over the last few quarters.

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