Best Apps for Job Seekers

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Finding a job can be a gruelling process, and even with a generous amount of qualifications to back up your career choices, it’s still difficult to find a job that suits both your and the employer’s needs. Whilst seeking a job is often a tedious task, it can be made easier with the help of mobile job-seeking directories and other applications, so we’ve decided to list some of the best apps for job seekers.

Best Apps for Seeking a Job

Monster Job Search

Monster Job Search allows users to search for jobs based around their area with the help of the embedded GPS search found within the app. You can quickly search certain keywords in your area or other specified locations, and then read up on offered jobs, and save them for later reference. On top of this Monster Job Search includes a notification system that can keep you up to date by notifying you when a new job listing has been posted with the tags you have previously searched for.

Jobs You’ll Love

Sometimes looking for a job can be even more difficult when you are still undecided about what career you’d actually like to pursue, however, just like many things in life, there is an app for that. Jobs You’ll Love allows you to cycle through available jobs and ‘thumb up’ or ‘thumb down’ each job offer. Jobs You’ll Love will then remember which jobs you’ve said you’ve liked, and which ones you’ve said you didn’t like, so it can then show you more relevant jobs in the future.

Indeed Jobs Job Search

The mobile app for Job Search from Indeed Jobs takes the huge online job directory directly into mobile.  You can search for jobs by certain criteria, such as the time you want the job to last, the qualifications needed, and any other keywords that may relate to jobs you are looking for.

Just like with Monster Job Search, Indeed Jobs also allows you to save search results, and even email employers straight from a job listing.

Pocket Resume

Job seeking isn’t just about seeking a job, it’s also about being presentable to any potential employers, and working hard to ensure that they recognize your experience, skills and talents. This is where your resume or CV comes in, and for many, it can be a difficult task to lay out all of the most important aspects of your job experience and qualifications whilst keeping it readable. Pocket Resume can help by starting users off with a few different templates, which users can then fill with details, and once done, it can be edited, saved, and sent off to employers via email.

Thanks to smartphones and mobile, it’s now a lot easier to keep an eye on what jobs are available in your area on the go, and many job-seeking apps have been designed so that instead of crawling through hundreds of jobs you’re not interested in, you can stick to choosing between only jobs you want.

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