Apps as a Service – the New Winning Business Model?

A brand new business model for app developers has gained quick exposure over the last few months, and it offers a system that allows developers with relatively little development experience to create, tweak and publish apps for their business effortlessly. The new business model has been dubbed ‘Apps as a Service,’ or AaaS for short, and it could open up new potential for big corporations and small local businesses alike.

So What Exactly Is ‘Apps as a Service’ or AaaS


Apps as a service are applications that can be developed, published and then managed in the cloud, through platforms or websites that can be accessed online. Typically, AaaS can be either a native or an HTML5 web app, and tools are provided to create either of these.

AaaS is created with object-orientated design tools, and they act similarly to a WYSIWYG app designer, giving developers the freedom to create their apps without inputting much or any code at all.

Once an app is created from AaaS, it can be published to different destinations depending on where a user may want to publish it. After an app has been published, it can be managed and monitored from the same panel that the app was created from originally. Developers can use tools to track analytics, send out push notifications and roll out new updates.

The Budget Benefits to Apps as a Service

The most interesting thing about the apps as a service business model is the method developers can pay for the service – unlike paying an hourly rate for developers or paying off a hefty one-time fee, developers can pay a monthly subscription to use the AaaS tools, and once their app is no longer needed, the subscription can be stopped.

This offers a flexible payment system that even local businesses with a small budget can pay for. On top of this, developers who do not have a decent understanding of programming can still create fairly complex applications that would cost a developer a lot if they were to hire a professional or freelance developer instead.

App development is a much needed service across the globe, so prices for app developers are typically on the rise, so AaaS offers a great, budget friendly alternative.

AaaS Compared to Other Business Models

As a business looking to get into the app market, there are a few different routes you can take to get an app created. For example, businesses can hire a team of developers, outsource development to a freelance developer, or learn to develop the app themselves.

All three of these methods require a fairly high budget or time to complete, and this is where AaaS stands out brightly. It’s much easier for developers to create and send out apps via the AaaS business model, and once the app has been published, monitoring it is also incredibly easy.

The simple subscription-based payment model also allows developers to get their worth out of the app as they are using it, which in the long term helps many businesses to save on money.

Overall, AaaS is a very powerful business model for those looking to create an application on a budget or within a small amount of time. Whilst outsourcing development may allow for a more personalized application, AaaS can easily help businesses to provide basic mobile services many consumers are now expecting to see from the places they shop.

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