ASO – the Future as App Marketing Tool

ASO, or app store optimization, is quickly becoming a hot topic for mobile app developers and others around the internet, and it won’t be long before it sits alongside another important marketing tool that makes up most of the internet, and that is of course SEO.

ASO however, maybe a little different to SEO thanks to the uncountable amount of stats and charts that can be pulled from the app stores, as with this knowledge, developers can help develop programs and services that create a strong ASO for their client’s app pages.

What ASO Tools Are Available to help with marketing?

Although ASO is largely a manual process for developers who want to make the most out of the app stores available, there are a bunch of services that are being worked on right now to get you the best ASO possible.

These services will monitor popular keywords, manage analytics, and inform you of what best fits your application description. One example of this is AppStoreHQ’s MobileDevHQ, a service that tracks many stats and figures to give you the best app page you could ask for. The service does cost, but a free 30-day trial is offered by the company, and you’ll be able to make use of the features the full version has.

We won’t go into too much detail about the functions of the service, as it has many options to help you and your ASO, and you can learn more at, however, some of the features that really stick out deserve a mention here.

This includes keyword analyzing; a feature that can monitor your current keywords and suggest what should be put in its place. You can also see charts on how popular different keywords are, and this is really insightful when you’re only just learning about ASO and keyword optimization in general.

MobileDevHQ is one of many immerging ASO help services that have cropped up recently, and it has received a huge amount of praise from writers in the industry, and AppStoreHQ along with many others are continually gaining success with their projects.

It would make sense that a larger audience will soon adopt these services to help them better optimize their app store pages, and as more developers use such services, more services will evolve to create a fully optimized, yet organic feeling app store, filled with optimized pages, allowing users to search for an app, and have it appear without any other searching needed.

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