The Benefits of the Facebook Audience Network for App Marketing

Facebook has recently been putting a large amount of effort into their advertising strategies, opening up new ways for advertisers to benefit from the absolutely huge reach Facebook has worldwide.

Facebook Audience Network

In recent changes, not only has Facebook been advertising within their social network platform, but they are now looking to step outside of where they are most comfortable and become part of a strong mobile advertising platform for in-app marketing with their new audience network.

The Facebook audience network is an interesting initiative, and it’s something that you should certainly consider getting behind. In this article, we’ve listed some of the benefits of the Facebook audience network for app marketing, and how app marketers may be able to benefit from it once it rolls out to more developers.

One-Click Advertising

One of the great things about the Facebook audience network is it’s simplicity; Facebook has put a lot of effort into making the advertiser’s job as easy as possible, and if you already have set up a News Feed advertising campaign in the past, then starting to advertise with the Facebook audience network can be done with just one click.

With this simple approach, advertisers will be able to advertise content across different mobile apps quickly and without fuss. Along with the easy setup process, marketers will be given a set of tools to monitor their ad performance that is simple to navigate and designed to provide important information quickly and clearly.

Strong Targeting

It’s already been shown that advertising on Facebook can be extremely beneficial thanks to the incredibly strong understanding Facebook has of its users. You could even go so far as to say ads on Facebook are more personal and relevant than any other ad platform in the world.

With the Facebook audience network, developers can take that same strong targeting outside of Facebook and into the mobile space by advertising within other mobile applications. Similarly to the tools available on Facebook for advertisers, the Facebook audience network has similar targeting, including custom audiences, core audiences and lookalike audience.

If Facebook can prove to be as personal to each user viewing ads from the audience network as they are on their native and News Feed ads, the audience network could potentially become the biggest players in the app and mobile marketing space.

Driving App Installs and Engagement

The Facebook audience network includes adverts that are designed to help marketers and developers reach certain goals, particularly driving app installs and engagement, so a lot of effort has gone in to make sure those using the network are receiving progress towards their goals and are getting their money’s worth from the service.

The Facebook audience network has three different ad formats; banner, native and interstitial, as well as a range of tools to help customize and fine-tune advertisements. To make things even easier, a lot of the assets that have already been used on a Facebook advertising campaign can be used again on the audience network.

There’s no doubt that the Facebook audience network could become a platform to be reckoned with. Right now though, it’s still early days, and the platform has not yet made it public. You can learn more about the Facebook audience network here.

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