Liste Beste Mobile App Marketing Agenturen

Die App Marketing Agentur wurde bereits zum dritten mal in die Toplisten für die besten Agenturen aufgenommen. Diesmal wurde das Ranking vom Mobile Marketing Exchange Portal erstellt.

Kriterien Topliste App Marketing Agentur


Bewertet wurden:
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  • Methoden
  • Kundenbasis
  • Leistungen und Erfahrung sowie Wissen um die Mobile App Industrie


Auszug aus dem Artikel:

“Another agency to feature on is AMA, under their parent company Weever Media Ltd. Based in Germany but with strong ties to the UK and US, they have been innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization since 2009. They offer full marketing services across all networks. They use the latest in data-based analysis models to build their marketing strategies.

AMA focusses on creating user generated buzz, using adverts on social networking sites and detailed data recordings on user behaviour. For any German or European app developer this agency really knows
how to speak your language and tap into the ever growing western markets.”
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