Boost / Burst Campaigns in Mobile Marketing

A boost or burst campaign is considered any form of a marketing campaign that is acted upon in a very short time span. For example, an app marketer could put down a disposable budget on a marketing campaign that brings in fast results within a single week, instead of focusing on a long drawn out strategy that could bring in smaller numbers of users across weeks or even months.

There has been a lot of discussions recently about whether marketing campaigns are worthwhile investments, and whilst there are still a lot of disagreements within the mobile marketing space, there are certain burst campaigns in mobile marketing that a lot of developers consider to be valuable.

The Drawbacks of a Burst Campaign in Mobile Marketing

We’ll first take a look at why burst campaigns in mobile marketing could possibly not be effective. Whilst there are ways to balance out certain negative attributes to a burst campaign, it’s still important to identify the drawbacks of such strategies.


Burst campaigns in mobile marketing typically focus on a few different methods of drawing in new app users. One of those methods involves incentivized downloads; this is a method that offers rewards in the form of credits for other mobile games or coupons and vouchers for their favourite store when users go to download your app.

These kinds of users are considered low value – they don’t have a good reason to stay on your app, and simply downloaded it to gain the incentives you were offering to win them over. Chances are, a large percentage of users gained directly from a burst campaign will be unlikely to use your app again.

However, unlike many other marketing strategies, the true purpose of a burst campaign in mobile marketing isn’t to bring in new, valuable users. In fact, burst campaigns are simply used to bring as many new downloads into your app as possible in a short space of time to quickly rise up in-app store rankings, and once this happens, real benefits start to pour in.

Benefits of a Burst Campaign

In most instances, a successful burst campaign will help undiscovered apps quickly rise into the top 100s in that app category, and once this happens, more users will start to find your app through organic search, which as we’ve mentioned many times before, is one of the strongest methods to earn valuable app users.

Burst campaigns in mobile marketing may only get your app into a high ranked spot for a week or two, but this is plenty of time to start bringing in more organic downloads, and this can either help your app to stay floating in the top charts or at least give it a level of exposure that it would otherwise never see.

The Outcome

Burst campaigns in mobile marketing can be dangerous; they are an incredibly quick way to burn through your marketing budget, and you aren’t really guaranteed any remarkable results in return. You’ll bring in new downloads, but as mentioned before, it’s unlikely direct downloads from your burst campaign will lead to high-value users.

Instead, you’ll have to rely on your artificially raised app store rankings to gain new downloads via organic search and to do this, you are going to need to have a strong set of screenshots, a good app icon and a compelling app store description.

If you can make your mobile app look appealing from your app store page, then a burst campaign can work wonders for you.

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