Best case studies for mobile marketing

The mobile industry can be a daunting place, especially in a time where everybody with any sense is moving into mobile marketing. Because of this it’s easy to lose insight in what you’re doing and this can often lead to mistakes further up the road. However, by paying attention and researching case studies, you may find yourself new inspiration and strong ideas on how to move forward with your mobile marketing campaign.

Good Mobile Marketing Case Studies for Research and Inspiration

Earth Hour: The Blackout Banner

Earth Hour takes place every year across the globe and sees participants pitching in by turning off electrical products, more traditionally, unneeded lights, to help raise awareness of wasted electricity. Mobiento sent out a mobile advertisement banner that would blackout your screen upon pressing. Users that had the ‘blackout’ image up could then swipe the screen to reveal a countdown to Earth Hour. According to mobithinking, they received over 1 million impressions across Norway, and Mobiento also received three MMA Mobile Global Marketing awards for their creative thinking.

Hilton Hotel Group

Although most would think the main focus for a hotel service would revolve around renting out rooms, a lot of services that can be purchased by hotel occupants can help increase income greatly. A smart way that the Hilton Hotel Group managed to keep occupants using services from the hotel instead of elsewhere was by sending out SMS messages containing details for on-site deals and promotions instantly to those staying at the hotel. The use of SMS messaging to their customers brought in an extra 10-25% of offer redemptions sent out by the hotel and has now become a strong tool in their marketing campaigns.

Verizon QR Codes

Before Verizon’s marketing campaign, I hadn’t yet seen an example of good use of a QR code. It’s a smart technology, but it’s often more convenient for those using the QR code to just use a different method. However, when you’re forcing your customers to use a QR code to make the most out of a promotion, it makes for an interesting study. Verizon customers that scanned a QR code in-store would be taken to a promotion link that they can post to their friends on Facebook.

If any friends were to purchase a new mobile and join Verizon, the person that posted the link would be able to bag themselves a new smartphone. The promotion lasted a week and brought in an extra $35,000 revenue, 200% of the normal rate.

Reading case studies can help you learn how other successful businesses have dealt with the mobile market in the past, perfect for helping you to adapt your own strategies and keep your eyes focused on your goals. Copying others isn’t always a smart idea, but using other successful marketing campaigns for a bit of a guideline can always be helpful when you’re new to the mobile marketing world.

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  1. Great case studies. I like the Hilton one, thinking outside the box a little and gaining great results. Thanks for sharing.


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