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Fom Sales-Driven to a Scalable Lead-Gen Engine

Styla is an Ecommerce SaaS tool, with a decade of industry experience. It has established a strong presence in the market, serving notable clients such as General Motors and OBI.

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The Challenge: Scaling Up and Aligning Sales with Marketing

  • Styla, a SaaS company, faced scaling difficulties with its sales-driven approach and lengthy sales cycle.
  • Lead generation was primarily through direct outreach and offline events, a non-scalable method.
  • Styla’s goal: a shift from sales-led to a scalable, marketing and product-led approach, incorporating marketing automation and CRM-driven strategies.
  • The challenge: implementing inbound and content marketing strategies to enhance lead generation and establishing sales-marketing alignment.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Approach to Overcome Challenges

Jolly Marketer provided a suite of services to address Styla’s challenges. The solutions included:

  • B2B Marketing Consulting: Jolly Marketer developed content marketing strategies and produced high-quality content to fuel these strategies, aligning them with Styla’s goal of transitioning to a marketing and product-led approach.
  • CRM and Marketing Technology Automation: Jolly Marketer implemented a company-wide CRM system (Hubspot) that included lead scoring and nurturing features. This system was complemented by extensive marketing automation to streamline and scale Styla’s lead-generation process.
  • Multichannel Lead and Demand Generation: To increase both the quantity and quality of leads, Jolly Marketer employed multichannel lead and demand generation strategies. This approach allowed Styla to reach potential customers across various channels, maximizing its market presence.

The Implementation: Putting the Solution into Action

Jolly Marketer’s implementation of the solution involved several key steps:

  • Establishing Efficient Processes and Structures: Jolly Marketer set up efficient processes for content creation, lead scoring, and nurturing. This structure ensured that Styla’s marketing efforts were well-coordinated and effective.
  • Utilizing Suitable Systems: The Hubspot CRM system was implemented across the company, enabling Styla to track, score, and nurture leads effectively. This system, combined with marketing automation, allowed Styla to scale its lead generation process.
  • Leveraging Extensive Marketing Experience: Jolly Marketer’s extensive experience in B2B marketing consulting was crucial in guiding the implementation process. This expertise ensured that the strategies were not only well-designed but also well-executed, leading to successful outcomes for Styla.
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The Results: Measurable Success with Jolly Marketer

The collaboration with Jolly Marketer yielded significant results for Styla. While specific metrics can provide a more detailed picture, it’s important to note that the overall impact was a substantial increase in key performance indicators. These may include:

  • +400% in MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads): The implementation of content marketing strategies and marketing automation led to a significant rise in MQLs. This indicates a larger pool of potential customers showing interest in Styla’s services.
  • +50% in SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads): With the help of lead scoring features in the CRM system, Styla was able to identify and focus on high-potential leads, increasing SQLs.
  • +35% in Sales: The multichannel lead and demand generation strategies, combined with effective lead nurturing, contributed to a notable increase in sales.
  • Decrease in CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): With more efficient marketing processes and automation, Styla was able to reduce its customer acquisition cost, making its growth strategy more sustainable in the long run.
  • Improved Customer Retention and Loyalty: The implementation of effective CRM and marketing strategies led to a lower customer retention rate, indicating that fewer customers were leaving Styla. Simultaneously, the shift to a customer-centric approach and improved services resulted in increased customer loyalty, as evidenced by repeat business and positive customer feedback.


Scaling Marketing Operations

365FarmNet, a CLAAS subsidiary, is transforming agriculture. The SaaS offers enhances measurability, transparency, and efficiency. With 100,000+ users, 365FarmNet is a market leader.

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The Challenge: Overcoming User Acquisition Hurdles

  • 365FarmNet faced issues with user acquisition being limited to a few channels.
  • This approach resulted in a high Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  • The number of active users was low.
  • The goal: diversify acquisition channels, reduce CAC, and increase active users.
  • The solution: a strategic shift in their marketing approach.

The Solution: Driving User Acquisition and Engagement

To address the user acquisition challenges, 365FarmNet implemented the following solutions:

  • Multichannel Advertising and Retargeting Campaigns: By establishing diverse advertising campaigns across multiple channels, 365FarmNet aimed to expand its reach and attract a broader audience. Retargeting campaigns were also employed to engage with users who had previously shown interest.
  • Building Paid and Organic Channels as Lead and User Sources: 365FarmNet focused on developing both paid and organic channels to generate leads and acquire users. This involved optimizing paid advertising campaigns and setting-up search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies to boost organic traffic and engagement.
  • Establishing B2B Content and Inbound Marketing: 365FarmNet recognized the importance of content and inbound marketing in engaging B2B audiences. We created informative and valuable content targeting their specific industry, establishing themselves as a thought leader and attracting qualified leads.
  • Implementing Salesforce Pardot: 365FarmNet leveraged the power of Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation platform, to streamline lead nurturing, enhance personalization, and track campaign effectiveness. This allowed for more efficient and targeted communication with prospects and customers.
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The Results: Achieving Growth and Optimization with 365FarmNet

The implementation of strategic solutions yielded impressive results for 365FarmNet:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Through the diversification of acquisition channels and optimization of marketing efforts, 365FarmNet successfully reduced its Customer Acquisition Cost by -50%. This achievement translated into more efficient and cost-effective user acquisition.
  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs): a higher number of leads and the quality of new leads lead to an increase in MAUs of +200%.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV): By enhancing user engagement and satisfaction, 365FarmNet experienced a significant increase in Customer Lifetime Value. The CLTV improved by 15%, indicating stronger customer loyalty and prolonged revenue streams.