Best Cooking Apps

Smartphone apps can help us with everyday tasks, including studying, researching, driving the car, or finding good recipes and learning how to cook. There are plenty of cooking apps out there, although there are a few that really stick out. These apps usually have features that make them a lot more helpful to your cooking than a traditional cookbook or a cooking webpage, and although some cost a fairly pricy amount when considering other app prices, they are generally a lot cheaper than other physical cooking help books and subscriptions.

Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

Good old Jamie O.

Despite the strange celebrity-like status that goes to Jamie Oliver, there’s no doubt that he is a good chef, and he has done a lot of work in his time to make sure others have a good chance of eating and enjoying healthy, well-made food with the smallest of ingredients. The price for the app is a little steep at ~$7.50; however the app is filled with 60 different recipes, all with step-by-step guides to cooking, perfect for both those familiar and unfamiliar with their kitchen.

The application has been professionally laid out, and it’s super easy to read and complete recipes in 20 minutes or under, keeping things nice and simple.

Download Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals for Android or iOS. Dinner Spinner

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out and choose a meal, especially when you’re looking for something out of your ordinary routine, and it’s easy to rack up more time on finding ingredients or rummaging through your cupboards than actually making the meal itself. Dinner Spinner is a perfect app to take you out of your food comfort zone; you can shake your phone to receive a random user-submitted recipe that is filled with information on how to make the recipe, and what ingredients are needed. The app shows ingredients needed, as well as nutritional values and options to filter recipes, allowing you to cater to your own needs, whether you’re a vegetarian, you’re allergic to one type of food, or there are certain foods that you just can’t stand.

Obviously, as most of the recipes are user-submitted, you’ll sometimes come across recipes with fewer details than others, which isn’t such an encouraging factor for beginner cooks, however, one shake will bring up another recipe which means beginners can find recipes that they can follow with confidence.

The app is free but is ad-supported. You can purchase a pro version that removes ads and adds a shopping list function into the app.

Download Dinner Spinner for Android or iOS.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

The Whole Foods Market app is filled with hundreds of recipes filled with instructions, pictures, and nutritional values, and information on allergens and other ingredients that you may want to watch out for, allowing you to search for a meal that you like, and then start cooking. You can also find recipes based on the ingredients you already have, perfect for a Sunday evening when you’re running out of supplies, or you just want to be creative with fewer resources than normal.

The app itself is displayed nicely as well, and it’s simple to navigate through the app menus and find recipes quickly, a feature that really goes hand in hand with the huge amount of recipes available.

Whole Foods Market Recipes is also 100% free and can be downloaded on iOS devices.

Cooking can be made easy with a cooking app for your smartphone, and when previously you may have thought cooking to be a chore, with a good recipe, it can be both fun to cook, and enjoyable to eat. There are plenty of apps out there, so what’s your favorite cooking app? Do you like it better than the ones in this article?

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