Pay per Lead in Mobile Marketing

Using pay per lead in mobile marketing can be one of the strongest ways to convert your marketing budget into results that matter the most to you, and whilst this is true with any kind of CPL, by using advertising that uses cost per lead in mobile marketing, you are opening yourself up to new traffic, and new opportunities.

Why Pay per Lead or Cost per Lead in Mobile Marketing?

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With the mobile market being comparatively new, it’s natural to be slightly sceptical of the results you could receive when using cost per lead in mobile marketing, but the very essence of CPL advertising is that you are using it as a way to ensure leads are met, and goals are reached.

A huge amount of traffic is now done through mobile devices, and because of this, you’ll be missing out on a large chunk of traffic if you aim to start a CPL campaign solely from desktop computers.

Whilst you can still gain leads through CPL on this platform, the mobile platform is a great, new place to find ways to turn a marketing budget into pure results, and the already established CPL mobile advertising networks are already becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Cost Per Lead or CPL is a pricing model, where an explicit sign-up from an interested consumer interested in the advertiser offer is paid for. Also known as lead generation, one of the most fundamental exercises in marketing.

Since in performance marketing ROI is always paramount, generating quality leads and establishing relationships with customers can make a difference in marketing success. Mobile is the most ubiquitous and ever-presence form of communicating with customers or prospects, therefore it is considered highly suitable for cost per lead campaigns.

Cost per lead / CPL campaigns examples

We have run a lot of profitable CPL campaigns based on mobile traffic, some of which were:

  • Generating address leads for an insurance – non-incentivised traffic
  • Generating call back leads for a big telephone provider – incentivised traffic
  • Generating newsletter subscriptions leads for a big holiday provider and airline – non-incentivised traffic

Choosing a CPL Mobile Advertising Provider

Choosing the right CPL mobile advertising network can be a difficult choice, but it’s usually a good first step for anybody willing to invest in cost per lead in mobile marketing.

Depending on the outcome you’d like from your CPL mobile advertising, you may want to consider using different advertising networks, but we’re going to focus on two strong suited examples that can prove to be useful no matter what your goals are.


Sponsormob has a few different packages available that can help to translate mobile services into app downloads, clickthroughs or other results you may be looking to achieve through cost per lead in mobile marketing.

Typically, they charge a $2 minimum per lead, and offer different values on other campaigns you may have set out with them – whilst it may look slightly pricey at first, it’s important to remember that a CPL mobile advertising network can help you to actually reach the goals you want, and you won’t be paying any excess for dead end advertising or marketing campaigns.


Mobpartner has a large number of publishers at their disposal, all of which can help to offer you the results you need. On top of this, they have a wide range of tools to help you track your results, and they even provide a dedicated account manager to your business so that you can ensure that you’re paying for a personalized service tailored to your business’s own goals and aims. Both incentivised and non-incentivised leads can be generated.

Mobile Marketing Agencies

The advantage when working with CPL agencies is a one-stop-shop approach, best quality and in general lower cost. This is because, at least in our case, we buy lots of traffic from the networks, aggregate and optimise it and get therefore cheaper prices from the networks which we pass on directly to our customers.

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