Customer Acquisition Through Apps – Best Examples

Having people use your app or game is great, but if you want your app development to be a worthwhile business, you’re going to want to get new customers to download your apps, as well as the ones you may already have. There are plenty of ways to acquire new customers, whether you’re using social media, advertising, or other marketing methods, they’re all capable of bringing you in new customers.

However, one area of customer acquisition that is rarely discussed is that of customer acquisition through mobile apps themselves. You may have an app on the app store already, so it makes perfect sense to make the most out of that app by encouraging customers to download any other applications you may be working on through that application. Although a few methods involve investment, if you’ve got an app that is frequented by any number of customers, you can often grab that amount of customers and rear them towards your other apps.

Examples of Customer Acquisition through Apps

Offering in-app Incentives and Rewards for Downloading Other Apps

Apps Customer Acquisition

If you want to use your own app as a strong app marketing tool, one base point is to create something you could make a currency out of within the application itself, something that users of your app will want to actively seek. If it’s a game, a good possibility would be reward coins that can be spent on in-game items and features, or if it’s an application, offer include limited features on the app.

When a customer uses your app, and they want to make use of those extra features or gain as many reward coins as possible, the first thing you can offer them before they spend money on IAPs is the ability to download another of your applications to receive a reward.

Glu’s TapJoy service rewards users with Glu coins after downloading other promoted games. This gives customers who want to make the most out of a game without spending money right at that point an alternative, whilst keeping them interested in the current game they are playing, and sparking curiosity in other applications.
To take this further, some TapJoy offers often require you to reach a certain level within a promoted game to be rewarded with coins. Once again, this could help to gather a customer’s interest in the game.

Use Smart Advertising within your App or Game

Let’s be honest, although monetizing your application with advertisements may bring in some revenue, some customers just can’t stand ads placed on the app they are trying to enjoy, and for this reason, it can often turn away your customers.
Because of this, it can be hard to directly advertise your own applications without being too intrusive about it. However, one method would be to place an advertisement for your app straight into your application as naturally as you can.
An example of this is being used in Trial Xtreme 3, a side-scrolling motocross game. As you play through the levels in Trial Xtreme 3, you’ll often come across an in-game billboard that has advertisements for other apps placed on them. This is a great example of using smart advertising to allow your customers to know about your other apps whilst avoiding being intrusive about it and losing any customers.

As the mobile market evolves, we are bound to see many more creative ways that developers may use to acquire customers through their own apps, but for now, knowledge on the subject is rather sparse, so gaining any knowledge you can on the subject will help greatly in your efforts to properly market your applications.

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