The Agency Trading Desk Model – What Can It Do For You?

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The agency trading desk model allows advertisers a dynamic way to purchase audiences in real-time. Those who go through this route for advertising will be able to make use of real-time data to make purchases on display media in a similar fashion to a traditional stock exchange.

In recent years, many marketers have asked what benefits this model provides, and whilst some may be sceptical of its potential, there’s no doubt that there are some pros for such an advertising model.

In this article, we take a look at what benefits the agency trading desk model can provide to anybody interested in buying audiences for display ads.

Agency Trading Desk

Increased ROI

In theory, trading desks should be able to deliver their users a better ROI for different acquisition methods. Whether it is CPM, cost per install or anything else in this same vein. The main goal of an agency trading desk is to help their clients improve their performance on each dollar spent. They achieve this by taking care of a vast majority of services that would have otherwise been outsourced to ad networks.

Agency trading desks also focus on newer, more effective buying models, such as real-time bidding.

Better Targeting

There is currently no service out there that can provide 0% unwanted impressions or audiences, but trading desks offer a more relevant experience. By using various algorithms that track audience behaviour, agency trading desks can fine-tune and target the right audiences for you. Trading desks can list a set of defined attributes, and their algorithms will be able to target the desired audience related to the criteria set out.

Those who use trading desks can selectively choose audiences in real-time to minimize the risk of buying unwanted impressions.

Reliable Service

Because agency trading desks do not rely on third-party networks or providers you can count on their services to be more consistent and better integrated with one another. Such an agency will have direct control over the spending process of audiences, so they’ll also be able to provide more input to help you make the most out of your advertising efforts.

When relying on third-party networks, you often have limited say in how or where the ad is placed, but agency trading desks give the client more control.

Deep Data Analysis

Trading desks can provide their clients with deep data analysis that can help them to find important insights about their audiences. This can be used to improve the efficiency of an ad campaign. Clients can also learn more about the audiences they are purchasing before spending a penny, ensuring that they are getting the most they possibly can out of their current budget.

This kind of data-rich approach is what has made real-time bidding and programmatic bidding so popular in recent years, and agency trading desks typically offer even more data to their clients. It’s no wonder why more advertisers are looking into using such services.

The downside to using the agency trading desk model is that you may have to spend a little more to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Some trading desks ask for a labour fee from their professional services, whilst others might charge a premium for any lower-cost media that they have purchased beforehand at their own risk.

Looking beyond this, there is no reason not to look further into the agency trading desk model, you may find it could offer a lot of benefit to your marketing or advertising efforts.

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