The Top Reasons for Marketers To Go Programmatic

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Richard Buettner

Programmatic ad buying has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last 12 months, but it isn’t just for any old reason. There are many reasons why programmatic marketing has been proven to be so successful, and we’ll be talking a little bit about how you may be able to benefit from it in 2015 in this article. Here are the top reasons for marketers to go programmatic in 2015.

It’s More Targetable

Programmatic marketing allows you to spend what you want on the traffic that you want. You will no longer be dealing with spending too much of your budget on an audience that just isn’t interested in seeing your advertisements.

The whole basis of programmatic marketing, whether it’s through RTB or programmatic direct, is to allow marketers to bid for inventory that is highly relevant and high value. Of course, you may be expected to pay more for such inventory, but you have a lot more control over how much you spend, and how much you get out of marketing as a result of your spending.

As data and analytics becomes even more advanced, marketers will be able to bid for even more relevant inventory, and struggling with low value traffic will be a thing of the past.

RTB and Programmatic Marketing is Seeing Insane Growth

When a marketing trend sees growth at an astonishing rate, it’s usually for a bunch of very good reasons. Many more marketers are starting to use RTB and programmatic direct, and it’s because it’s proving to be a successful way for them to market themselves. The more money is put into programmatic marketing, the healthier the market for such services can become.

It’s also important to note that in 2015, programmatic marketing is no longer an unknown venture that is hard to get into. It’s becoming more and more open and available to the public to use. In fact, in 2014, around 90% of all RTB exchanges were open, leaving a small minority of RTB exchanges made privately.

The ROI of Programmatic Marketing is Amazing

If you are struggling to bring in a decent ROI from your marketing efforts, it may be because you’re not going for the right options. There are so many differents ways to market yourself or your business, and the results on your revenue can be drastically different.

Many companies are praising programmatic buying, RTB in particular, for being absolutely amazing at increasing their ROI. In fact, Kellogg’s did a great interview in 2012 about the power of RTB, and this was back when programmatic buying was still in it’s infancy. Considering that RTB and programmatic marketing has only grown since, there’s no doubt that it can be a great way to increase your ROI from your marketing efforts.

In summary, going programmatic can help you to find the best inventory possible, allowing you reach out to audiences that are actually going to help you earn the money your business needs to earn. The high-value inventory found through programmatic marketing largely owes thanks to how the bidding system works, and also how it uses plenty of data and analytics to help improve targeting.

There are many reasons why programmatic marketing is great, but we believe these are some of the top reasons for marketers to go programmatic in 2015.

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Author: Richard Buettner
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