The Differences between Performance and Brand Marketing in Mobile Marketing

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Performance marketing and brand marketing – two different approaches to marketing that often end with different results. Brand marketing is typically used for growing the name or brand of a company, further public knowledge of that brand, whilst performance marketing is used to increase sales, achieve specified results, or in the case of mobile marketing, bring in new app downloads.

Both of the aforementioned marketing techniques have their own place, but it’s important to understand the pro’s and con’s for both, and in this article we will be focussing on the impact each of these approaches have on mobile marketing.


Performance Marketing for Mobiles

Typically, performance marketing for mobiles is all about bringing in more app downloads, or directing more people to a mobile web store, and you won’t be paying a penny until either of these two, or another specified conversion is met.

This approach means that you can directly impact from your marketing efforts in a certain way, whether it’s by making money through sales or increasing download limit for your latest mobile app, you can be sure that your marketing efforts are being used for exactly what you want them to.

Whilst this approach is great for ensuring some kind of return, it doesn’t mean you will break even straight away from it, and some performance marketing campaigns will need to be thought out carefully for the best results.

For example, if you start a performance marketing campaign that brings in a huge flux of 1,000 new downloads to your mobile application, you may be losing out on a large amount of revenue as this campaign goes on, but this burst of new users will boost your app up the charts and help you to bring even more downloads in – it’s these kinds of approaches that make performance marketing worthwhile.

Brand Marketing for Mobiles

Brand marketing on the other hand does not have any particular end metric that marketers can manage, but at the same time there are many brand marketing methods that are not very taxing on your budget.

For example, growing a social media profile for your company can be a great start to a strong brand marketing campaign – it can grow public knowledge of your business, and help you network out to potential customers.

Over time, your brand will become more recognized through methods such as social media marketing, and your business will surely benefit from it. This approach is great for reaching out to new customers, but you won’t be receiving any direct benefit from it.

Your brand marketing efforts may not be realized months or even a year after it is started, and it is simply a route to take to make a name for yourself and your business.

As you can see, both of these mobile marketing options offer completely different results, and the process involved in using these campaigns are also very different from one another.

You can effectively use both a mobile brand marketing campaign and a mobile performance marketing campaign alongside each other to get the best results.

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