Facebook Exchange – How to Use for App Marketing

Facebook Exchange is a fairly new real-time bidding (RTB) platform that allows you to market your app on Facebook, along with other Facebook pages. It’s an advertising medium strictly on Facebook but its scope goes far larger than that of the social media website.

How Facebook Exchange Works

Like other RTB platforms, with Facebook Exchange, you’ll be able to purchase adverts in real-time at a price that suits you and your budget best. We’ve already written a lot about how RTB can be successful, so it’s great to see that Facebook has used this as a basis for their new marketing opportunity. Facebook Exchange partners will sell advertisements, and this was a concern earlier on because it wasn’t clear how limited a platform like this would end up being, however since it has left beta, there seems to be quite a large inventory available for bidding on.

Once adverts are purchased, users will be tracked through cookies so that when they return to Facebook they can be shown adverts, featured posts and promoted content on their News Feed that actually appeals to them.

I think this method works a lot better than the current promotion options on Facebook, and it can help to reach out to users that will mean the most to you and your business. The main focus for Facebook Exchange is for Facebook pages, but it can also be used to market your app on Facebook.

Market Your App On Facebook With FBX

fbx app marketing

Facebook already has a pretty decent app marketing and promotion system that allows marketers to promote their applications to the news feeds of other Facebook users. It uses the same kind of strategies as Facebook page promotion, however, it links to an app page and has a few separate dynamics, such as app descriptions and screenshots.

This can prove to bring in a fair amount of downloads, but of course, you don’t have as much control over your budget than you would through the Facebook Exchange RTB platform. If you mix the two together, not only are you getting valuable users for your money, but you’re also bringing in more downloads to your app, and these downloads will be by the kind of people that your app is designed for.

Facebook Exchange Isn’t Just ‘Good’

Previous Facebook marketing tools weren’t exactly perfect; they had their flaws, and although you could bring in a lot of numbers and build a strong social media page through their services, promotion through the social media platform seemed to return very little revenue. MDG Advertising has created a great infographic that shows quite clearly how Facebook Exchange easily blows all other Facebook marketing strategies out of the water.

Facebook Exchange is looking to perform so well that it could match up with other strong marketing strategies available on other platforms across the web. I would definitely suggest looking further into Facebook Exchange if you do want to market your app on Facebook.

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