Facebook Mobile Advertising Trends 2014

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Facebook has undergone quite an interesting journey since its birth that, from a business, standpoint has included lots of ups, and just as many downs. However, in 2014, Facebook has managed to establish itself as a strong player in the social networking space, and its mobile website is still one of the most visited social sites on the planet.

Facebook has worked on providing new experiences on Facebook ever since its launch, and whilst not much has changed for the end-user, many opportunities have opened up for marketers. Facebook is now a place that businesses of any size can now get involved with, and in 2014, more and more businesses are using it as an advertising platform.

From a marketer’s perspective, Facebook is constantly changing and adapting, and if you plan to make the most out of advertising on Facebook, there are certain trends that you should be aware of – we’ll take a look at a few of the most prominent trends in Facebook advertising in 2014 below.

Older Users Will Be More Valuable to the Social Network

Facebook was originally developed as a system that college and university students could benefit from, and even after it went public, a large portion of Facebook users was either in their 20’s or younger.

However, as the social network has matured, so has the audience, and in 2014 older users are going to be much more valuable to businesses than younger users are. One of the main reasons for this is that typically younger users have a lot less money to spend, and because of this advertisements targeted at a younger audience aren’t really going to get that much of a return on revenue, even if their click-through rate isn’t too poor.

Older users are starting to make use of Facebook at a faster rate than previous years too, and this means there’s a larger audience to market to.

More Focus To Be Put Into Mobile-Only Advertisement Campaigns

On Facebook, it is possible to start both a desktop-only campaign and a mobile-only campaign, and both of these offer benefits for the particular platform they are aimed for – in 2014, a lot more businesses will start to split up their campaigns in this fashion so that they can put more focus onto mobile ad spend, and also not overspend on desktop marketing.

Many users choose to access Facebook on a mobile device over accessing it through a desktop PC or a laptop, and the suite of available Facebook apps such as Facebook Chat means that a large chunk of Facebook users are spread out evenly across the mobile platform, and these users will not be targetable from a typical desktop-only campaign.

If you’re marketing mobile services, products or apps then choosing a mobile-only campaign will have even more benefits than a desktop campaign. It’s much easier to make conversions when all of your marketed services can be accessed straight from a mobile device, and more businesses are realising this in 2014.

Businesses Will Put More Effort Into Customer Engagement

Gaining new customers is an important part of marketing, but now that so many advertisement services are so well integrated into the social infrastructure of Facebook, it’s going to be easier than ever to engage with your target audience.

Not only does customer engagement improve customer retention, but it also encourages users to make the first purchase with your business, and with a wide variety of tools at hand, real Facebook likes and active social media management on Facebook will be incredibly important in 2014.

Businesses With a Variety of Facebook Ads Will Achieve Better Results

If you plan to advertise to a target audience on Facebook, it’s important to realize that your audience may get ‘bored’ with seeing the same adverts time and time again – to truly make the most of of their ad spend, businesses will adapt to this problem by creating a wide range of marketing content that can be swapped out on the fly.

If you plan to keep your target audience interested in your adverts, you can stick to this trend by changing the images and sometimes even the text of your Facebook adverts every 2-3 days.

Now that you have a clear idea of what Facebook advertising trends will stick out in 2014, you should stand a better chance at reaching your target audience and truly benefiting from the social networking platform.

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