Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: the difference between iOS and Android

A study by Nanigans, one of the biggest purchasers of Facebook advertisements, shows shocking results about the difference between iOS and Android advertising on the Facebook mobile application.
According to the study, the difference between iOS and Android advertising is staggering, with iOS generating a 1,790% more return on investment than Android from advertisements on the Facebook mobile app.

ROI for App Marketing on Android and iOS

If that wasn’t bad enough for Android, the study proves quite clearly that advertising ends up costing more than it returns on the Google-backed mobile OS.
Nanigan’s study consisted of more than 200 billion Facebook ads, and whilst desktop advertising looked quite promising with an overall return on investment of 152%, mobile advertising was a completely different story.
Nanigan’s SVP Dan Slagen admitted to VentureBeat that they were a little on the fence with revealing the results, but with such interesting results, they felt the need to let the world know.
“Retailers are realizing significantly greater return from audiences on iOS than audiences on Android. For the first three quarters of 2013, revenue per click on iOS averaged 6.1 times higher than Android and return on investment on iOS averaged 17.9 times higher than Android.”

Is iOS better for App Promotion?

app marketing difference ios_vs_android_users

These remarkable results leave many unanswered questions- Why is the difference between iOS and Android mobile advertising so large? Why do Apple owners seem to be happier to click on links, and why does it seem easier to seal the deal with iOS users over Android users?
Simply put, the average iPhone user has more money to spend, and despite Android now being used by around 70% of all smartphone owners, Apple users should still be considered the crème of the crop.
Apple and iOS owners have paid more for their smartphone, tablet and computing products, and they are likely to be much more prepared to spend more via advertisements whilst browsing the web or through mobile apps, simply because in general they have a larger salary than the average Android user.
In fact, with the inclusion of devices like the Nexus range that offer lower prices for fairly premium hardware, more and more Android users are now expecting more for even less.
Android users are generally going to avoid advertisements, will shop online and look for better deals, and will ultimately be more careful about what they spend their money on when compared to iOS users, which will have a larger amount of cash to spend.

Mobile App Marketing: iOS vs. Android

This difference between iOS and Android is something that must be taken into consideration as an advertiser because it could very dramatically change your ROI rates, and affect your profits and business as a whole.
Android may still be a target if your business can offer services more suitable to those on a budget, but if the Nanigans study is anything to go by, in all other cases iOS seems to be the mobile platform to advertise on, despite its shrinking market share size.

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