The Fill Rate in App Monetization

Before you jump two steps ahead of yourself whilst developing your app and choosing app monetization options, you should plan ahead, do your research and find the right monetization options that appeal to you. There are also some things that you’ll need to learn about app monetization networks and advertising revenues in general, with one of these things being the fill rate in app monetization. Read below to learn the basics of this term, and how to find an app monetization network with a decent fill rate.

What is A Fill Rate?

When you join a monetization network, there is a limited “stock” of advertisements available, and because of this, monetization networks can only offer a certain amount of advertisements every time your app sends an ad request when a user visits an area in your app that contains an ad placement.

Fill rate definition

Formel für die Fill Rate

The percentage that ad requests actually return with an ad is known as the fill rate, and this important factor could play a big part on your advertising and monetization revenue.

What Determines Ad Fill Rate Percentage?

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to ad fill rate percentages, and this rate usually fluctuates between certain ranges depending on other factors too. You’ll need to keep some things in mind if you want to know how to find an app monetization network with a decent fill rate.

The type of advert supplied can play a big role on the ad fill rate percentage. For example, a video ad could have a typical fill rate of around 40-50%, whilst a simple banner or image ad placement could have a much higher fill rate closer to 80% or 90%.

The monetization network you decide to use could also play a big role on ad fill rate. Depending on the methods that each network uses to supply and distribute ads and how many others use the same network could greatly change the ad fill rate.

The cost of advertisement and average ad revenue could also have an effect on percentages. A beginner app developer may go straight with the monetization network that offers the highest eCPM without looking into the network and others that are available, and this is usually a bad mistake to make.
Even though the eCPM may be higher on one network, the ad fill rate could be much lower, causing you to lose a great portion of your potential revenue because a large chunk of your app users aren’t even receiving ads.

How to Find an App Monetization Network with a Decent Fill Rate

If you’re unsure how to find an app monetization network with a decent fill rate, you’ll be surprised to hear that finding one is surprisingly easy. Just do your research, ask others about their experience with individual networks, and look for user reviews on ad networks.

Most app monetization networks will offer stats and studies on their website to show information about their fill rate, eCPM, and other stats that could affect your app ad revenue.
If you’re unsure which network would be best, pick an ad network, and then once you’ve been a part of that app monetization network for a while, you’ll be able to monitor where you are making the best revenue and then move to one that is more suitable to you and your app’s users.

To be a successful app developer that can make profit out of their monetization techniques, you’ll need to keep an open mind and never make decisions without thinking it through clearly. By backing up your decisions with evidence that shows a particular app monetization network will work well for you, you’ll be saving yourself time and effort in the future.

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