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Google has just updated their Google Play 4.0 application, and whilst the official Android update is currently only available in America, those outside of the United States can download an .apk from around the internet. The new Play 4.0 has completely redesigned the previous Play store, and although the main architecture of the Play store stays the same, the layout of the new app has made for many new features, some of which put Google Play 4.0 miles ahead of versions 3.0.

Top 4 Reasons Google Play 4.0 Rocks

Easier downloads

If you’ve found an application that you want to buy or download from the Google Play store, previously you would have to go into the app, find or search for what you’re looking for, and then proceed onto the download page of the app. This was a terribly long process, and although at the time many didn’t take much notice, it certainly needed an improvement, and Google Play 4.0 is the improvement we’ve needed. If you see an application on the app list, you can now tap on an icon to bring out a list of options. These options include the ability to buy, download and add the app to your wishlist.

Better Recommendations

Google is a huge search service that has over the year’s turned into a user experience like none other, and now that many of Google’s services are now linked through your Google profile, recommendations on the Google Play store will reflect your browsing habits. One example of this is if you listen to a lot of songs by an artist on Youtube, you may now get a recommendation based upon this.

Better UI

The Google Play 3.0 user interface was blocky and most icons took up much more space than they needed to, meaning that more scrolling and page changes were needed to find what you were looking for. On Google Play 4.0, everything has been shrunk down, and the home page now has room for a scrollable list of categorized apps, movies and other media. All the previous accessible categories such as top grossing and top free are now a lot more navigable as well.

More Readable

One of the drawbacks of Google Play 3.0 was the dark colours and poor font choices. This made it at times harder to read than was necessary, and I personally found myself trying to get in and out of the Play Store as quickly as possible when I wanted to install an application. The new Google Play 4.0 is much more pleasant to scroll through, and the new interface along better picked out colours and fonts makes it much easier on the eyes, and I found it both easy and enjoyable to browse through the store.

In my opinion, Google Play 4.0 is certainly the best update for the Play store yet, and it has made the overall experience a lot smoother than before. If you haven’t got Google Play 4.0 yet, there are a few places you can get the .apk from, such as

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  1. There is no doubt in the fact that Android has been beating the Apple in terms of applications. Uploading apps on the Google play store is quite easy in comparison to other app stores. You have all the chances of showing your capability to the world.


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