Interesting App Review Sites

If you are developing, or have already developed an app, you’ll probably want to know how to reach as many customers and bring as many downloads in as possible. On your own, app marketing can be a difficult business, but with help from others, you’ll get your app recognized among the greats.

There are a lot of decent app review websites out there that will offer to review your application, and some will take new apps with open arms. Getting a review on an app review site is important because you are directly advertising what your application can do to those who are actively seeking out new apps and games for their phone.

What App Review Sites Will Be Good for my App Marketing Strategies?


Android Authority isn’t strictly an app review website, and as the name suggests, it only specializes in Android. However, they openly accept app review requests at the bottom of the page, and there’s a big team on the website that is really passionate about the Android platform. What else is great about AA, is that they have a huge following; over 300 thousand Facebook likes, more than 30k followers on Twitter, and 100,000 subs on YouTube, a place where they often upload videos on new phones and app reviews.


A website all about reviewing the best apps is a place you really want to get your grips on. In fact, when doing a search in Google for ‘app reviews’ Appadvice comes up first. Appadvice unfortunately only reviews iOS apps, however, they have a whole team that actively pursues new and upcoming apps, so if you can impress them in your app review submission, you’ll have a pretty good chance they’ll pick it up and feature it on their website.


AppStorm covers all sides of the mobile ecosystem: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and everything in between. They also take app review submissions, and by creating a killer submission, you have a chance of getting your app reviewed and shown to potential thousands. If they decline your app, you can always pay for an advertising package, meaning you’ll definitely get a review of your app, and also get it featured across the website.

There are plenty of other websites out there to get your app reviewed, and it only takes a quick search to find them (we also work with BestReviewApp).

However, just submitting your review is sometimes not enough, make sure you show the full potential of your app when submitting it to a website, and build relationships with developers and site owners to guarantee that your app will get featured on the website. App marketing is a tricky business, and like said before, you’re not going to get anywhere if you do it alone, so building long-lasting relationships with those already in the market will help you to improve your chances, and keep your app from disappearing among the thousands and thousands of others developers already touting their apps to the world.

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