iOS 8 – Attribution and Analytics Features

Whilst iOS 8 may be getting a host of new user features, a lot of changes are being made to the developer side of things, and perhaps one of the biggest, yet less talked about changes to iOS 8 is the introduction of attributions and analytics features.

Whilst there are already many tools available to help developers track data on their app downloads and conversions, with new changes to iOS 8, a whole range of new tools are opened up through Apple themselves, and they could prove to benefit pretty much every developer out there.

The New Analytics Features of iOS 8

The first new iOS 8 developer feature worth mentioning is the introduction of app store analytics – thanks to iOS 8, app developers will now be able to track metrics such as downloads, app installs, user sessions, active devices, average sales and user retention, among others. Perhaps the most interesting metric available as part of the new analytics features of iOS 8 is app page views, which will allow developers to see how many users are visiting their app page each day, week and month.

This is a great tool that will allow developers to get a better picture of how well their ASO and other marketing techniques are working to bring in new users, and will help developers figure out if they’ve made their app store description appealing enough to convince new users to download an app.

Thanks to these new features, developers should now found it easier than ever to track every step of their app conversion funnel, from receiving clicks from marketing campaigns to app page views and downloads, and then overall revenue.


The New Attribution Features of iOS 8

Whilst the new analytics features of iOS 8 are quite exciting, the new attribution features may be even more impressive. With Attribution on iOS 8, developers will be able to add Provider ID and Campaign ID to help track their app marketing efforts – these new IDs will allow developers to track the source of new app installs, which will, in turn, help them to understand which marketing strategies are proving the most effective.

Whilst there have been third party alternatives to the new attribution features of iOS 8 for a long time, being able to access them within the Apple iOS Dev Center, without any additional fees, will certainly be a big improvement for anyone involved with either developing or marketing mobile apps.

A Quick Summary of the Attribution and Analytics Features in iOS 8

We’re really happy to see Apple finally add new attribution and analytics features in iOS 8, and now that developers have such a big variety of data tracking tools at their hands, marketing apps on the Apple app store will be easier than ever.

If you’ve not used analytics or attribution tools before, the release of iOS 8 has made it a perfect time to finally start using them, and all of these new features can be accessed straight from Apple.

We can’t wait to see how these new changes will positively affect the flow of the Apple app store.

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