iOS 8 – Implications for App Marketing

At this year’s WWDC, Apple made quite a few announcements when it comes to new software updates for their major operating systems. OS X Yosemite was announced, but here at Weevermedia, we’re most excited about the introduction of iOS 8, as it will bring in a bunch of new changes, which have mainly been targeted at the app store. Every new iOS update is important for app and mobile marketers, but I think iOS 8 will be especially important. Here’s a look at what iOS 8 offers in terms of new app marketing opportunities.

New Search Functions


When iOS 8 is released, iPhone users will have access to a couple of new search functions in the app store. The first of these new functions is trending search, and with this, users will be able to search for apps that are trending at that current point in time.
I’m sure there will be a few marketing implications for trending search in the future, but the most exciting of the two new search functions is Spotlight search; this particular feature will bring up App Store search results that are tailored to each and every device. There’s bound to be a wide range of uses behind this, and App Store Optimization will be more important than ever when iOS 8 is released.

The Explore Tab

Apple is trying to make it easier for users to find the apps that will benefit them the most, and as an app developer, this should come as great news. One of the new features that have been designed with the sole purpose to provide users with more streamlined content is the Explore tab.

The Explore tab is a new feature that users will be able to access from the app store. It will give app store browsers the ability to search through different categories and subcategories, which should help any developers who may be ranked high in a certain category or subcategory, but low on the overall app charts.


An important part of developing an app is making sure everything is working as it should before finally shipping it to the world. Whilst soft launches can potentially protect you from any major slip-ups, and an in-house beta tester team can help you to spot bugs, Apple wants to give you another wall of protection, and they have called it TestFlight.

With TestFlight, developers will be able to send out beta invites to members of the public so that they can gather information and spot any new bugs that may have gone unnoticed in the development process. TestFlight is limited to 1000 beta testers, so developers will have more than enough people to gather results from.

Video Demos

One brand new iOS 8 feature that turned a few heads was the newly announced Video Clips. With this, developers will be able to insert small video clips that show off their application quickly. Whilst developers can already insert Youtube videos into their app page description, this will give developers a new method to encourage users to download their app. Video clips have been designed to be just seconds in length, so developers who can get their point across quickly may have a much more effective iOS 8 app marketing campaign.

App Bundles

If you’re an app developer that has a wide range of applications in the app store, the brand new App Bundles features for iOS 8 may appeal to you. App Bundles is a feature that will allow developers to bundle together a collection of their apps and sell them as one whole package to users who view their app store page.

The App Bundles features should be a great way for developers to ship multiple apps as one single package, and it may open up possible promotional potential in the near future as well. So far, Apple haven’t been clear on whether developers will be able to set their own individual price tag for their bundled app packages, or whether the price of a bundle will be the combined price of all the apps within that particular bundle.

As you can already imagine, iOS 8 is going to be an important update for app developers and app marketers, and Apple is really trying hard to make it easier for both. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about how iOS 8 can benefits app marketers in the near future.

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