iOS 9 – What will Improve this Autumn

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Whilst public beta is already available, iOS 9 will be releasing this Fall and it will bring a number of changes to the table. In this article we’ve listed some of the changes iOS owners can expect. Whether you’re a business owner looking to utilize mobile technology or simply use iOS for your own personal gain, hopefully this article will help you to understand what will change this Fall.

Security Improvementswhat-will-change-ios-9-300x212

Amidst discoveries of strange security flaws in mobile operating systems, changes will be made to iOS to improve security. Some changes will be more on the user end of things whilst others will be changed behind the scenes.

Firstly, the PIN code for the lock screen will now require a 6 digit PIN instead of a 4 digit one. This change is to increase the number of different combinations an iPhone user can use to limit the potential for hackers to crack PIN codes. Two-factor authentication, such as using both your fingerprint and your password to make an iTunes purchase will be more prominent in iOS 9 too.

Plenty of under the hood security changes have been made as well, with rumours of development on VPNs being done for browsing the internet safely.

Siri Improvementssiri-iphone-3gs-468x468-150x150

One of the biggest noticeable changes coming to iOS 9 are the improvements to Siri.

Siri will be smarter in iOS 9 and there will be more opportunities for users to make use of Siri in their everyday lives. One change will allow Siri to understand more from a user once the context has been set. For example, if an iOS user were to ask about a certain restaurant, the user could then follow up with a question such as “How long is it open for?” Instead of “How long is restaurant A open for?” and Siri will understand.

These changes will be great for usability but it could also open up more potential for iOS users to learn more about local businesses and stores in the area.

Apple Pay Growth

Apple Pay is becoming a larger factor than ever before and improvements will be made to the feature in iOS 9. Firstly, Passbook will be renamed to Wallet in iOS 9 and this name change will also come with a few tweaks and changes as more and more businesses start to accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method.

Apple Maps Changes

Apple Maps will be getting a number of changes in iOS 9. Thankfully the maps software will finally have public transit directions so routes for public transport will be displayed when searching for a certain route or destination.

A number of changes will be made to Apple Maps across the board to make it a better map application, but even with the changes made in iOS 9, it’s still a long way away from the far superior Google Maps.

There are plenty more changes coming to iOS 9, including a variety of software tweaks, a new keyboard that includes quick access to shortcuts like a copy, cut and paste and many other improvements. The above-listed changes are perhaps the most important from a business standpoint, however.

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