iOS App Store Optimisation – What Has Changed

The new iOS update has brought a huge amount of changes to the way the app store worked, and as a result, a lot of developers have been talking about how iOS 8 app store optimization has changed up the app market. In this article, we take a look at what has changed to optimization in the app store with the latest iOS update and see how it compares to iOS 7.

Apple iOS 8

The New Screenshot Game

Perhaps one of the most noticeable visual changes to the new iOS app store is the differences made to how screenshots are displayed. In search results, apps are now stacked vertically instead of horizontally, and whilst this may not seem to change much, a closer look reveals how screenshots can be used to increase visibility on iOS 8.

If you choose to pick portrait images over landscape screenshots, you will find that you can fit two images onto your app listing instead of just one, this can help greatly with visibility, and it’s most likely going to be a new iOS 8 app store optimization practise that many developers are going to take advantage of.

Because of the way these new portrait images are displayed, it could be possible to split one image into two separate screenshots and have them shown side by side as one large image in the search results.

Understanding the Mystery Behind Trending Searches

Trending searches is a new addition to the app store that many developers are quite puzzled at. The iOS 8 app store is still new, so it is going to take some time to understand how to play the app store and work on iOS 8 app store optimization in some areas.

This is certainly the case with trending searches – we aren’t sure how it works, but it seems clear that certain trending keywords within media or the news can be reflected here. Choosing keywords that match with trending searches is a tricky bet, and it would seem more beneficial to focus on ranking on other keywords instead of trying to jump to a new trending search every time it appears.

Explore is Just Another Sub-Category

The Explore tab seems to contain a strange algorithm that puts together various categories and sub-categories when a user browses it, but it gives developers another chance to be seen on the app store.

As iOS 8 app store optimization techniques are worked upon, we may learn how to increase our chances of being found on the Explore tab, but for now, it may as well work like a Lucky Dip.

New Ways to Bring in Sales

App previews are a new feature that allows developers to post a short video to their app store page, and they can be used to help paint a better picture of what your app can actually do. As well as helping to explain your application clearly, app previews can be a great way to engage potential downloaders and draw them in through strong teaser videos.

On top of app previews, app bundles have now been added to the app store – app bundles can help convince users to splash out on a tiny bit more cash to gain a larger selection of apps. You may offer a discount towards a whole bundle of games to users, and whilst you may lose out on revenue from those that would have purchased all games separately anyway, you’ll be drawing in much more revenue from app users that would have otherwise only purchased one or two games from you.

Both app previews and app bundles will be useful iOS 8 app store optimization techniques to help bring in more sales, but they won’t help to increase app store listing or improve visibility in the app store.

Hopefully this article has given you a bit of an insight into what has changed in the app store on iOS 8.

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