Lead Gen Through Programmatic Media Buying – is that working?

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Is lead gen through programmatic media buying working? After doing a Google search, you may be lost for results. In fact, very few platforms that support programmatic media buying even mention both lead gen and programmatic buying in the same sentence.

The reason for this is because many lead marketers still haven’t moved over to programmatic media buying. Despite taking most of the world by storm, it’s still not rolled out to everybody. But what about the platforms that do support lead gen (aka pay per lead) through programmatic media buying? We’ll be taking a look at how they are performing.

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Buying Better Leads at Better Costs

One of the biggest advantages of using programmatic media buying is that marketers are typically going to be saving money. Bids can be made, and purchases are for leads that are actually going to be relevant to each individual client’s needs.

When funding a new marketing campaign, you’ll find that the cost of media through programmatic buying is cheaper because campaigns do not need to be dealt with manually – everything is automated. As a result, media, and even data costs for targeting leads are reduced in costs. There are other expenses that end up being cheaper too, and this reason alone shows that lead gen through programmatic media buying is working well.

More Accurate Leads

It’s not all about the costs, either. You’ve probably heard all about how programmatic media buying can lead to more accurate targeting. When buying media through such a platform, you’ll be able to receive more data for your results because a lot of the processes are once again automated.

However, many marketers have found that it is best to start the other way around. Instead of looking for leads through programmatic buying, using leads purchased elsewhere and loading names, addresses, purchase history and other information into the analytical data available from many programmatic media buying platforms, you’ll be able to finetune the perfect marketing campaign for the leads you already have.

It’s Still Early Days for Lead Gen

For the most part, the lead gen community is still taking its first baby steps into the world of automated and programmatic buying, and we are still a long way before development flourishes to its full effect.

We’re running however successful campaigns for lead generation and we’re utilising programmatic buying to get the cheapest rates for traffic.

Over the next few years, we are bound to see more creative ways for lead gen to be implemented into programmatic buying. The technology we need is still there, it’s just going to take time to see a shift from currently used technology.

We’d suggest waiting for a little before purchasing leads through programmatic buying. However, if you have already purchased leads elsewhere, you’ll easily be able to find media through automated buying or RTB that is highly accurate.

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Author: Richard Buettner
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