Location Based Ads – Best Examples

location based ads

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll understand how big of a role location based advertising can be for your marketing campaign. There are plenty of ways to use location based advertising, and although it’s strictly a new method for many marketers, it has already proven to be a successful strategy and you can learn to adopt it into your marketing campaign as well.
The best Examples of Location Based Advertising Put into Practice

O2’s Placecast

Now that a huge portion of the population has access to GPS enable mobiles or smartphones, O2, a phone operator in UK, has made an interesting move and developed a service that they have already thrown £1 million into. The service draws invisible geo-tagged lines and borders in certain areas and will trigger an SMS message to be sent to anyone using the service when they enter a new border. Currently Starbucks and L’oreal are on board, but this is certainly something that could be adopted by many more businesses with the help with service providers like O2.

McDonald’s Foursquare campaign

McDonald’s has the funding to push out any campaign they feel necessary, and because of this, if there is a new marketing method in town, McDonald’s will be there. One interesting campaign that caught my eye was the use of Foursquare check-ins. McDonald’s randomly awarded 100 people who checked into their restaurant using the Foursquare app, and afterwards, the press went crazy. According to the results, McDonalds landed a 40% increase of Foursquare check-ins, a 99% positive feedback, and over 600,000 new followers on their social profiles. This just shows that if you have a decent and rewarding location based advertising campaign, people are going to talk about it. Thanks to foursquare being available for free to the public, it’s incredibly easy to set up a campaign with this.

Boloco Burrito Campaign

Boloco teamed up with SCVNGR, a development team that offer challenges and rewards for users via a location based system. Customers that consistently visited the business would receive rewards such as half price off their burritos, or $30 worth for just $10. This encourages customer loyalty through reward programs, but ensures customers don’t just visit for one off deals. The location based advertising part comes into play when customers come close to the store, adverts and challenges will be displayed to the customer, which of course can then be completed by entering the store.

Hopefully these location based advertising campaigns have helped spark inspiration for your own campaigns, and if it has helped, be sure to read through our blog section to learn more about the market.

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