Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses

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If you’ve read our previous post, you’ll understand the big difference location-based marketing can make to your marketing campaign, and although some methods are too costly for those with a small business, you’ll be surprised at how many budget ways there are that can improve your marketing and land you a strong marketing campaign.

It’s hard to know where to start without a few years of practice in marketing, but there are still methods that are simple to grasp, generous on your wallet, and perfect for bringing in more profit from your customers.

What is Good Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses?

Use multiple Location Based Service apps

The first step for a location-based marketing campaign is to find ways to track where your customers are and track when they ‘check-in’ to your store. You can use applications like Foursquare to track check-ins, and with such a large consumer base, Foursquare is probably the most reasonable option. However, you should make the most out of your Location-based marketing by using more than one service to help you track check-ins.

Create incentives for ‘checking-in’

When someone ‘checks-in’ to a certain area or business, all of their friends using the same LBS app will know all about it, and if you offer a price reduction for your services, or another bonus for using check-in apps, those who use the service will have friends who can see the offer that they could be making the most of, and this is a very strong way to rope in customers, and hopefully build upon a stronger customer base.

Don’t make your customers feel like they’re not important

When you’re trying hard to make a successful marketing campaign, it can be hard to avoid important parts that could affect your business greatly. For example, if you are trying to advertise a certain product or service, if you make it look too heavy on the advertising side, you may end up alienating your customers, but if you give them a reason to buy a product or service because they feel like a valuable part of your business, you will not only improve customer sales, but you may end the day with a few customers who may want to visit for a second time. A good example of this would be to offer loyalty incentives for customers who check in a certain amount of times.

Location-based marketing is a fairly new market, but according to a study in 2012, only 9% of small businesses were making the most out of the marketing method, and many more smartphone owners make use of location-based services. If you can find a good location-based marketing campaign now, you’ll be glad to have tapped into the potential before everybody else, and thanks to the help of third-party services, you should not have to worry about spending a penny on actual advertising.

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