Location Based Marketing – Some Examples

Location-based marketing can be used to personalize and create catering advertisements to those local to your business. By using location-based marketing, you can pinpoint potential customers with deals when they need them, or offer tantalizing rewards for staying close to your business. Although some location-based use, such as the Google Now app from Google, can personalize your whole life, even the most subtle marketing campaign personalized through location can make a difference to your business.

Some Examples of Location Based Marketing



In the United Kingdom, Subway has teamed up with mobile network provider O2 to give customers special discounts when they get close to a Subway business. I opted into the promotion, smartphone owners that walk past or near a Subway store will receive an MMS message to their numbers containing information on the store, as well as a code that can be scanned in-store to receive a discount. A lot of location-based marketing is used with an appropriate application, but Subway has managed to create a location-based marketing campaign without the help of O2.


Chrysler created a campaign that would be difficult to call location-based marketing, however it did manage to point some heads their way through a service that locates WiFi spots in the area known as JiWire. Chrysler placed an advert inside JiWire that can be used to look at details about Chrysler’s new Jeep. When a user of the app walks out of a WiFi zone, they can check for another area, without needing connection again as the Chrysler advert keeps you inside of the app.


Sprint has been using location-based marketing for a while now, but a lot of interest cropped up after they offered access to location-based marketing to third-party developers. With the help of WHERE, and WaveMarket to keep things secure and without a detriment to a smartphone owner’s privacy. Businesses and developers can work with Sprint to create a location-based advert that pops up when a smartphone area arrives at a particular place.

Advertising at the moment is a bit of a hit and miss. It’s hard for businesses to reach the right audience without going through customers that will only get frustrated at their adverts, however, if location based marketing were to advance, smartphone owners, or anyone with a GPS could receive offers on similar products to what they are looking for.
It brings in the ultimate amount of personalization to a marketing campaign, making it valuable to the customer, and not just the business.

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