Location-Based Mobile Ads: Forecast 2014

Mobiles are now extremely capable machines that are spilling potential out of your customers’ pockets – every year the mobile industry matures a little, and more technologies are invented to help businesses get more customers using their services.

Location-Based Mobile Ads Forecast 2014

One of the most interesting new strategies that could really improve business potential is location-based mobile advertising – by using technologies like GPS and NFC, businesses can send targeted ads that appeal to locals in the area. So far, location-based mobile ads are still going through growing pains, but in 2014, the technology will be advanced than ever. Below we’ll be taking a look at what changes we expect to see in location-based mobile advertising in 2014.

More Data Available

Our smartphones are brimmed to the top with data, and for marketers, the smartphone is a paradise device – as location-based mobile technologies improve, we’ll be able to track more data from our customers and give adverts that appeal to each and every customer.

Certain apps are already being developed to support this strategy, and tools like Apple’s iBeacon are being used in-store to offer incentives and offers to customers that are based on previous spending and browsing habits.

It’s not a perfect system yet, and it’s not very widely adapted, however 2014 will be one more step towards perfection.

A Step Away from Foursquare

Foursquare was the first major app that showed the potential behind location-based marketing, however, it has since adapted from its original design – whilst it was first designed as a ‘check-in’ app, it is now capable of sending push notifications from businesses to people in the surrounding area.

In the near future, instead of check-in apps, most services like Foursquare will probably go for a similar approach – these services will offer businesses the ability to send out information and promotions to that outside, which opens up a whole new world of local digital advertising (check on local mobile marketing here) .

All About the Incentives

It’s easy to ignore a push notification if there’s no real reward for the user. Because of this, businesses will have to rely on using coupons and other incentives to encourage customers to visit their store and use their services. In 2014, we expect the usage of coupons and similar incentives via geolocation campaigns to grow significantly, and there will be more reasons than ever to visit brick and mortar stores instead of shopping online.

Previously the digital world completely wrecked offline shopping, but now with new technologies such as geolocation, brick and mortar stores could have a comeback. It won’t be long now before real stores are benefiting from the mobile industry, just like online stores do.

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  1. I am totally agree with you with you. Location Based mobile adverting interactive option to sales business brands and services. Today wide array of peoples are using mobile for Internet usage. Mobile advertising most innovative way to promote business brands and services in any geo region. You can easily reach your targeted consumers at anytime, anywhere . Mobile advertising employs interactive medium to communicate with clients via text messaging, video, images, banner ads and many more.


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