Main Barriers to Mobile Marketing

The success of mobile marketing has been growing substantially over the last few years, but there are still some issues that are stopping mobile marketing flourishing as well as it could do. The main barriers to mobile marketing are often discussed by marketers, and once these issues are solved, the potential for mobile marketers could only grow even further.


Mobile Privacy

One trending issue that has been discussed at large across various industries, especially those related to mobile and digital media, is privacy. More corporations are being pushed to give up their user’s privacy and consumers have never been so concerned for their own privacy.

When it comes to mobile privacy, there are all sorts of grey areas that many publishers and marketers are still trying to understand. Collecting data from consumers can be incredibly powerful for creating great marketing tools and platforms, but more consumers are pushing for more rights to privacy and anonymity online. There’s no found balance between data driven marketing and privacy conforming practices for the mobile industry as of yet.

Potential solution: Systems need to be set up so that certain footprints or data can be collected from mobile users, whilst other data, such as a person’s name or address, is left encrypted or completely discarded. Tracking a user’s behaviour online can be a great way to improve the effectiveness of programmatic and targeted advertising, but the slew of personal data that is collected along with it is certainly not necessary.

Brand Safety

Digital marketing can be incredibly effective at building a brand via creative content, but when it comes to mobile marketing, it’s not as straight forward. There is a lot of potential in mobile marketing, but building a brand name that consumers can trust is incredibly difficult to achieve via mobile ads alone.

Potential solution: Businesses and corporations should step away from working on their brand via mobile marketing. Instead, businesses should focus on building their brand elsewhere, with a larger digital marketing format that’s open to more creativity. Mobile marketing should be left as a way to provide contextual advertisements that give users content that fits in with their own day to day life.

Lack of Data

Mobile has the potential to be the most data driven marketing platform in the world but because the platform is still quite new, data for it is not as well defined as it would be for other platforms. Larger publishers are having a hard time understanding their mobile audience. Whilst a desktop based publisher may have year’s worth of understanding to provide valuable ad inventory, mobile channels have a lot less data to go off of.

Potential solution: Over time, the larger publishers, such as Facebook or Google, are going to be able to understand their mobile audiences better. Publishers will need to look for ways to label different segments of their mobile audience so that they can provide more meaningful inventory to marketers.

Mobile marketing certainly has a huge amount of potential. There’s no doubt that there are already a lot of benefits to be taken from mobile channels, but there are certain barriers to mobile marketing that will take time to overcome. The main barriers to mobile marketing explained in this article give great examples about how the mobile platform is still in it’s infancy.

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